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B.8 Program and Function Index

This is an alphabetical list of the programs and functions whose portability is discussed in this document.

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!: Limitations of Builtins

.: Limitations of Builtins

/usr/bin/ksh on Solaris: Shellology
/usr/dt/bin/dtksh on Solaris: Shellology
/usr/xpg4/bin/sh on Solaris: Shellology

{...}: Limitations of Builtins

alloca: Particular Functions
alloca.h: Particular Functions
assert.h: Default Includes
assert.h: Particular Headers
awk: Limitations of Usual Tools

basename: Limitations of Usual Tools
break: Limitations of Builtins

case: Limitations of Builtins
cat: Limitations of Usual Tools
cc: Limitations of Usual Tools
cd: Limitations of Builtins
chgrp: Limitations of Usual Tools
chmod: Limitations of Usual Tools
chown: Particular Functions
chown: Limitations of Usual Tools
closedir: Particular Functions
cmp: Limitations of Usual Tools
config.guess: Input
config.guess: Manual Configuration
config.sub: Input
config.sub: Manual Configuration
cp: Limitations of Usual Tools
ctype.h: Default Includes

date: Limitations of Usual Tools
diff: Limitations of Usual Tools
dirent.h: Particular Headers
dirname: Limitations of Usual Tools

echo: Limitations of Builtins
egrep: Limitations of Usual Tools
errno.h: Default Includes
error_at_line: Particular Functions
eval: Limitations of Builtins
exec: Limitations of Builtins
exit: Function Portability
exit: Limitations of Builtins
export: Limitations of Builtins
expr: Limitations of Usual Tools
expr: Limitations of Usual Tools
expr (‘|’): Limitations of Usual Tools

false: Limitations of Builtins
fgrep: Limitations of Usual Tools
find: Limitations of Usual Tools
float.h: Default Includes
fnmatch: Particular Functions
fnmatch: Particular Functions
fnmatch: Particular Functions
fnmatch.h: Particular Functions
for: Limitations of Builtins
fork: Particular Functions
free: Function Portability
fseeko: Particular Functions
ftello: Particular Functions

getgroups: Particular Functions
getloadavg: Particular Functions
getmntent: Particular Functions
getpgid: Particular Functions
getpgrp: Particular Functions
grep: Limitations of Usual Tools

if: Limitations of Builtins
install-sh: Input
install-sh: Particular Programs
install-sh: Particular Programs
inttypes.h: Header Portability
inttypes.h: Particular Types
isinf: Function Portability
isnan: Function Portability
iso646.h: Default Includes

join: Limitations of Usual Tools

ksh: Shellology
ksh88: Shellology
ksh93: Shellology

limits.h: Default Includes
linux/irda.h: Header Portability
linux/random.h: Header Portability
ln: Limitations of Usual Tools
locale.h: Default Includes
ls: Limitations of Usual Tools
lstat: Particular Functions
lstat: Particular Functions

make: Portable Make
malloc: Function Portability
malloc: Particular Functions
math.h: Default Includes
mbrtowc: Particular Functions
memcmp: Particular Functions
memory.h: Header Portability
mkdir: Limitations of Usual Tools
mkfifo: Limitations of Usual Tools
mknod: Limitations of Usual Tools
mktemp: Limitations of Usual Tools
mktime: Particular Functions
mmap: Particular Functions
mv: Limitations of Usual Tools

ndir.h: Particular Headers
net/if.h: Header Portability
netinet/if_ether.h: Header Portability
nlist.h: Particular Functions

od: Limitations of Usual Tools

pdksh: Shellology
printf: Limitations of Builtins
putenv: Function Portability
pwd: Limitations of Builtins

read: Limitations of Builtins
realloc: Function Portability
realloc: Particular Functions
resolv.h: Particular Headers
rm: Limitations of Usual Tools
rmdir: Limitations of Usual Tools

sed: Limitations of Usual Tools
sed (‘t’): Limitations of Usual Tools
select: Particular Functions
set: Limitations of Builtins
setjmp.h: Default Includes
setpgrp: Particular Functions
setvbuf: Obsolete Macros
shift: Limitations of Builtins
sigaction: Function Portability
signal: Function Portability
signal.h: Default Includes
signal.h: Obsolete Macros
sleep: Limitations of Usual Tools
snprintf: Function Portability
sort: Limitations of Usual Tools
source: Limitations of Builtins
sprintf: Function Portability
sscanf: Function Portability
stat: Particular Functions
stdarg.h: Default Includes
stdbool.h: Particular Headers
stdbool.h: Particular Headers
stddef.h: Default Includes
stdint.h: Header Portability
stdint.h: Particular Types
stdio.h: Default Includes
stdlib.h: Default Includes
stdlib.h: Particular Types
strcoll: Particular Functions
strerror_r: Function Portability
strerror_r: Particular Functions
strftime: Particular Functions
string.h: Default Includes
strings.h: Header Portability
strnlen: Function Portability
strnlen: Particular Functions
strtod: Particular Functions
strtold: Particular Functions
sys/dir.h: Particular Headers
sys/ioctl.h: Particular Headers
sys/mkdev.h: Particular Headers
sys/mount.h: Header Portability
sys/ndir.h: Particular Headers
sys/ptem.h: Header Portability
sys/socket.h: Header Portability
sys/stat.h: Particular Headers
sys/sysmacros.h: Particular Headers
sys/time.h: Particular Structures
sys/time.h: Obsolete Macros
sys/types.h: Particular Types
sys/ucred.h: Header Portability
sys/wait.h: Particular Headers
sysconf: Function Portability

tar: Limitations of Usual Tools
termios.h: Particular Headers
test: Limitations of Builtins
time.h: Default Includes
time.h: Particular Structures
time.h: Obsolete Macros
touch: Limitations of Usual Tools
tr: Limitations of Usual Tools
trap: Limitations of Builtins
true: Limitations of Builtins

unistd.h: Particular Headers
unlink: Function Portability
unset: Limitations of Builtins
unsetenv: Function Portability
utime: Particular Functions

va_copy: Function Portability
va_list: Function Portability
vfork: Particular Functions
vfork.h: Particular Functions
vprintf: Particular Functions
vsnprintf: Function Portability
vsprintf: Function Portability
vsprintf: Particular Functions

wait: Limitations of Builtins
wait3: Obsolete Macros
wchar.h: Default Includes
wchar.h: Particular Types
wctype.h: Default Includes

X11/extensions/scrnsaver.h: Header Portability

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