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7.5 Option Definitions

AutoOpts uses an AutoGen definitions file for the definitions of the program options and overall configuration attributes. The complete list of program and option attributes is quite extensive, so if you are reading to understand how to use AutoOpts, I recommend reading the "Quick Start" section (see section Quick Start) and paying attention to the following:

  1. prog-name, prog-title, and argument, program attributes, See section Program Description Attributes.
  2. name and descrip option attributes, See section Required Attributes.
  3. value (flag character) and min (occurrence counts) option attributes, See section Common Option Attributes.
  4. arg-type from the option argument specification section, See section Option Argument Specification.
  5. Read the overall how to, See section Using AutoOpts.
  6. Highly recommended, but not required, are the several "man" and "info" documentation attributes, See section Man and Info doc Attributes.

Keep in mind that the majority are rarely used and can be safely ignored. However, when you have special option processing requirements, the flexibility is there.

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