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3.4.8 ‘dne’ - "Do Not Edit" warning

Usage: (dne prefix [ first_prefix ] [ optpfx ])
Generate a "DO NOT EDIT" or "EDIT WITH CARE" warning string. Which depends on whether or not the --writable command line option was set.

The first argument may be an option: ‘-D’ or ‘-d’, causing the second and (potentially) third arguments to be interpreted as the first and second arguments. The only useful option is ‘-D’:


will add date, timestamp and version information.


is ignored, but still accepted for compatibility with older versions of the "dne" function where emitting the date was the default.

If one of these options is specified, then the "prefix" and "first" arguments are obtained from the following arguments. The presence (or absence) of this option can be overridden with the environment variable, ‘AUTOGEN_DNE_DATE’. The date is disabled if the value is empty or starts with one of the characters, ‘0nNfF’ – zero or the first letter of "no" or "false".

The prefix argument is a per-line string prefix. The optional second argument is a prefix for the first line only and, in read-only mode, activates editor hints.

-*- buffer-read-only: t -*- vi: set ro:

The warning string also includes information about the template used to construct the file and the definitions used in its instantiation.

prefix - string for starting each output line
first_prefix - Optional - for the first output line
optpfx - Optional - shifted prefix

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