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3.5.9 ‘gperf-code’ - emit the source of the generated gperf program

Usage: (gperf-code st-name)
Returns the contents of the emitted code, suitable for inclusion in another program. The interface contains the following elements:

struct <st-name>_index

containg the fields: {char const * name, int const id; };


This is the hashing function with local only scope (static).


This is the searching and validation function. The first argument is the string to look up, the second is its length. It returns a pointer to the corresponding <st-name>_index entry.

Use this in your template as follows where "<st-name>" was set to be "lookup":

[+ (make-gperf "lookup" (join "\n" (stack "name_list")))
(gperf-code "lookup") +]
void my_fun(char * str) {
struct lookup_index * li = lookup_find(str, strlen(str));
if (li != NULL) printf("%s yields %d\n", str, li->idx);

st-name - the name of the gperf hash list

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