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3.5.22 ‘make-gperf’ - build a perfect hash function program

Usage: (make-gperf name strings ...)
Build a program to perform perfect hashes of a known list of input strings. This function produces no output, but prepares a program named, ‘gperf_<name>’ for use by the gperf function See section gperf’ - perform a perfect hash function.

This program will be obliterated as AutoGen exits. However, you may incorporate the generated hashing function into your C program with commands something like the following:

[+ (shellf "sed '/^int main(/,$d;/^#line/d' ${gpdir}/%s.c"
name ) +]

where name matches the name provided to this make-perf function. gpdir is the variable used to store the name of the temporary directory used to stash all the files.

name - name of hash list
strings - list of strings to hash

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