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6.4.3 Private macros

The following macros are private macros you should not call directly. They are called by the other public macros when appropriate. Do not rely on them, as they might be changed in a future version. Consider them as implementation details; or better, do not consider them at all: skip this section!


These macros are used to implement Automake’s automatic dependency tracking scheme. They are called automatically by Automake when required, and there should be no need to invoke them manually.


This macro is used to discover how the user’s make handles include statements. This macro is automatically invoked when needed; there should be no need to invoke it manually.


This is used to find a version of install that can be used to strip a program at installation time. This macro is automatically included when required.


This checks to make sure that a file created in the build directory is newer than a file in the source directory. This can fail on systems where the clock is set incorrectly. This macro is automatically run from AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE.