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15.3.2 Declaring Custom Test Drivers

Custom testsuite drivers are declared by defining the make variables LOG_DRIVER or ext_LOG_DRIVER (where ext must be declared in TEST_EXTENSIONS). They must be defined to programs or scripts that will be used to drive the execution, logging, and outcome report of the tests with corresponding extensions (or of those with no registered extension in the case of LOG_DRIVER). Clearly, multiple distinct test drivers can be declared in the same Note moreover that the LOG_DRIVER variables are not a substitute for the LOG_COMPILER variables: the two sets of variables can, and often do, usefully and legitimately coexist.

The developer-reserved variable AM_LOG_DRIVER_FLAGS and the user-reserved variable LOG_DRIVER_FLAGS can be used to define flags that will be passed to each invocation of LOG_DRIVER, with the user-defined flags obviously taking precedence over the developer-reserved ones. Similarly, for each extension ext declared in TEST_EXTENSIONS, flags listed in AM_ext_LOG_DRIVER_FLAGS and ext_LOG_DRIVER_FLAGS will be passed to invocations of ext_LOG_DRIVER.