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B.3 General Index

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## (special Automake comment): General Operation
#serial syntax: Serials

$(LIBOBJS)’ and empty libraries: LIBOBJS

+=: General Operation

--add-missing: automake Invocation
--automake-acdir: aclocal Options
--build=build: Cross-Compilation
--copy: automake Invocation
--cygnus: automake Invocation
--diff: aclocal Options
--disable-dependency-tracking: Dependency Tracking
--disable-maintainer-mode: Optional
--disable-silent-rules: Automake silent-rules Option
--dry-run: aclocal Options
--enable-debug, example: Usage of Conditionals
--enable-dependency-tracking: Dependency Tracking
--enable-maintainer-mode: Optional
--enable-silent-rules: Automake silent-rules Option
--force: aclocal Options
--force-missing: automake Invocation
--foreign: automake Invocation
--gnits: automake Invocation
--gnits, complete description: Gnits
--gnu: automake Invocation
--gnu, complete description: Gnits
--gnu, required files: Gnits
--help: automake Invocation
--help: aclocal Options
--help check: List of Automake options
--help=recursive: Nested Packages
--host=host: Cross-Compilation
--include-deps: automake Invocation
--install: aclocal Options
--libdir: automake Invocation
--no-force: automake Invocation
--output: aclocal Options
--output-dir: automake Invocation
--prefix: Standard Directory Variables
--print-ac-dir: aclocal Options
--print-libdir: automake Invocation
--program-prefix=prefix: Renaming
--program-suffix=suffix: Renaming
--program-transform-name=program: Renaming
--system-acdir: aclocal Options
--target=target: Cross-Compilation
--verbose: automake Invocation
--verbose: aclocal Options
--version: automake Invocation
--version: aclocal Options
--version check: List of Automake options
--warnings: automake Invocation
--warnings: aclocal Options
--with-dmalloc: Public Macros
-a: automake Invocation
-c: automake Invocation
-f: automake Invocation
-hook targets: Extending
-i: automake Invocation
-I: aclocal Options
-l and LDADD: Linking
-local targets: Extending
-module, libtool: Libtool Modules
-o: automake Invocation
-v: automake Invocation
-W: automake Invocation
-W: aclocal Options
-Wall: amhello's Setup Explained
-Werror: amhello's Setup Explained

.la suffix, defined: Libtool Concept
.log files: Parallel Test Harness
.trs files: Parallel Test Harness

:copy-in-global-log:: Log files generation and test results recording
:recheck:: Log files generation and test results recording
:test-global-result:: Log files generation and test results recording
:test-result:: Log files generation and test results recording

_DATA primary, defined: Data
_DEPENDENCIES, defined: Linking
_HEADERS primary, defined: Headers
_JAVA primary, defined: Java
_LDFLAGS, defined: Linking
_LDFLAGS, libtool: Libtool Flags
_LIBADD, libtool: Libtool Flags
_LIBRARIES primary, defined: A Library
_LIBTOOLFLAGS, libtool: Libtool Flags
_LISP primary, defined: Emacs Lisp
_LTLIBRARIES primary, defined: Libtool Libraries
_MANS primary, defined: Man Pages
_PROGRAMS primary variable: Uniform
_PYTHON primary, defined: Python
_SCRIPTS primary, defined: Scripts
_SOURCES and header files: Program Sources
_SOURCES primary, defined: Program Sources
_SOURCES, default: Default _SOURCES
_SOURCES, empty: Default _SOURCES
_TEXINFOS primary, defined: Texinfo

acinclude.m4, defined: Complete
aclocal and serial numbers: Serials
aclocal program, introduction: Complete
aclocal search path: Macro Search Path
aclocal’s scheduled death: Future of aclocal
aclocal, extending: Extending aclocal
aclocal, Invocation: aclocal Invocation
aclocal, Invoking: aclocal Invocation
aclocal, Options: aclocal Options
aclocal, using: configure
aclocal.m4, preexisting: Complete
ACLOCAL_PATH: Macro Search Path
AC_CONFIG_FILES, conditional: Usage of Conditionals
AC_SUBST and SUBDIRS: Subdirectories with AC_SUBST
Adding new SUFFIXES: Suffixes
all: Standard Targets
all: Extending
all-local: Extending
ALLOCA, special handling: LIBOBJS
amhello-1.0.tar.gz, creation: Hello World
amhello-1.0.tar.gz, location: Use Cases
amhello-1.0.tar.gz, use cases: Use Cases
AM_CCASFLAGS and CCASFLAGS: Flag Variables Ordering
AM_CFLAGS and CFLAGS: Flag Variables Ordering
AM_CPPFLAGS and CPPFLAGS: Flag Variables Ordering
AM_CXXFLAGS and CXXFLAGS: Flag Variables Ordering
AM_FCFLAGS and FCFLAGS: Flag Variables Ordering
AM_FFLAGS and FFLAGS: Flag Variables Ordering
AM_GCJFLAGS and GCJFLAGS: Flag Variables Ordering
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE, example use: Complete
AM_LDFLAGS and LDFLAGS: Flag Variables Ordering
AM_LFLAGS and LFLAGS: Flag Variables Ordering
AM_MAINTAINER_MODE, purpose: maintainer-mode
AM_OBJCFLAGS and OBJCFLAGS: Flag Variables Ordering
AM_OBJCXXFLAGS and OBJXXCFLAGS: Flag Variables Ordering
AM_RFLAGS and RFLAGS: Flag Variables Ordering
AM_UPCFLAGS and UPCFLAGS: Flag Variables Ordering
AM_YFLAGS and YFLAGS: Flag Variables Ordering
Append operator: General Operation
ARG_MAX: Length Limitations and autoreconf: Error required file not found
autom4te: aclocal Invocation
Automake constraints: Introduction
automake options: automake Invocation
Automake parser, limitations of: General Operation
Automake requirements: Introduction
Automake requirements: Requirements
automake, invocation: automake Invocation
automake, invoking: automake Invocation
Automake, recursive operation: General Operation
Automatic dependency tracking: Dependencies
Automatic linker selection: How the Linker is Chosen
autoreconf and libtoolize: Error required file not found
autoreconf, example: Creating amhello
autoscan: amhello's Setup Explained
Autotools, introduction: GNU Build System
Autotools, purpose: Why Autotools
autoupdate: Obsolete Macros
Auxiliary programs: Auxiliary Programs
Avoiding man page renaming: Man Pages
Avoiding path stripping: Alternative

Binary package: DESTDIR and autoreconf: Error required file not found
Bugs, reporting: Introduction
build tree and source tree: VPATH Builds
BUILT_SOURCES, defined: Sources

C++ support: C++ Support
canonicalizing Automake variables: Canonicalization
CCASFLAGS and AM_CCASFLAGS: Flag Variables Ordering
CFLAGS and AM_CFLAGS: Flag Variables Ordering
cfortran: Mixing Fortran 77 With C and C++
check: Standard Targets
check: Tests
check: Extending
check-local: Extending
check-news: List of Automake options
check_’ primary prefix, definition: Uniform
check_PROGRAMS example: Default _SOURCES
clean: Standard Targets
clean: Extending
clean-local: Clean
clean-local: Extending
color-tests: List of Automake options
Colorized testsuite output: Scripts-based Testsuites
command line length limit: Length Limitations
Comment, special to Automake: General Operation
Compilation of Java to bytecode: Java
Compilation of Java to native code: Java Support with gcj
Compile Flag Variables: Flag Variables Ordering
Complete example: Complete
Conditional example, --enable-debug: Usage of Conditionals
conditional libtool libraries: Conditional Libtool Libraries
Conditional programs: Conditional Programs
Conditional subdirectories: Conditional Subdirectories
Conditional SUBDIRS: Conditional Subdirectories
Conditionals: Conditionals
config.guess: automake Invocation example:
configuration variables, overriding: Standard Configuration Variables
Configuration, basics: Basic Installation, Hello World: amhello's Setup Explained, scanning: configure
conflicting definitions: Extending
Constraints of Automake: Introduction
convenience libraries, libtool: Libtool Convenience Libraries
copying semantics: Extending
cpio example: Uniform
CPPFLAGS and AM_CPPFLAGS: Flag Variables Ordering
cross-compilation: Cross-Compilation
cross-compilation example: Cross-Compilation
CVS and generated files: CVS
CVS and third-party files: CVS
CVS and timestamps: CVS
CXXFLAGS and AM_CXXFLAGS: Flag Variables Ordering
cygnus: List of Automake options
cygnus strictness: Cygnus

DATA primary, defined: Data
debug build, example: VPATH Builds
debugging rules: Debugging Make Rules
default source, Libtool modules example: Default _SOURCES
default verbosity for silent-rules: Automake silent-rules Option
default _SOURCES: Default _SOURCES
definitions, conflicts: Extending
dejagnu: DejaGnu Tests
dejagnu: List of Automake options
depcomp: Dependencies
dependencies and distributed files: Errors with distclean
Dependency tracking: Dependency Tracking
Dependency tracking: Dependencies
Dependency tracking, disabling: Dependencies
directory variables: Standard Directory Variables
dirlist: Macro Search Path
Disabling dependency tracking: Dependencies
Disabling hard errors: Scripts-based Testsuites
dist: Standard Targets
dist: Basics of Distribution
dist-bzip2: The Types of Distributions
dist-bzip2: List of Automake options
dist-bzip2: List of Automake options
dist-gzip: The Types of Distributions
dist-hook: The dist Hook
dist-hook: Extending
dist-lzip: The Types of Distributions
dist-lzip: List of Automake options
dist-lzip: List of Automake options
dist-shar: The Types of Distributions
dist-shar: List of Automake options
dist-shar: List of Automake options
dist-tarZ: The Types of Distributions
dist-tarZ: List of Automake options
dist-tarZ: List of Automake options
dist-xz: The Types of Distributions
dist-zip: The Types of Distributions
dist-zip: List of Automake options
dist-zip: List of Automake options
distcheck: Creating amhello
distcheck: Checking the Distribution
distcheck better than dist: Preparing Distributions
distcheck example: Creating amhello
distcheck-hook: Checking the Distribution
distclean: Standard Targets
distclean: Extending
distclean: Errors with distclean
distclean, diagnostic: Errors with distclean
distclean-local: Clean
distclean-local: Extending
distcleancheck: Checking the Distribution
distdir: Third-Party Makefiles
Distinction between errors and failures in testsuites: Generalities about Testing
Distributions, preparation: Preparing Distributions
distuninstallcheck: Checking the Distribution
dist_ and nobase_: Alternative
dist_ and notrans_: Man Pages
dmalloc, support for: Public Macros
dvi: Texinfo
dvi: Extending
DVI output using Texinfo: Texinfo
dvi-local: Extending

E-mail, bug reports: Introduction
EDITION Texinfo flag: Texinfo
else: Usage of Conditionals
Empty libraries: A Library
Empty libraries and ‘$(LIBOBJS): LIBOBJS
empty _SOURCES: Default _SOURCES
endif: Usage of Conditionals
Example conditional --enable-debug: Usage of Conditionals
Example conditional AC_CONFIG_FILES: Usage of Conditionals
Example Hello World: Hello World
Example of recursive operation: General Operation
Example of shared libraries: Libtool Libraries
Example, EXTRA_PROGRAMS: Uniform
Example, false and true: true
Example, mixed language: Mixing Fortran 77 With C and C++
Executable extension: EXEEXT
Exit status 77, special interpretation: Scripts-based Testsuites
Exit status 99, special interpretation: Scripts-based Testsuites
expected failure: Generalities about Testing
expected test failure: Generalities about Testing
Expected test failure: Scripts-based Testsuites
Extending aclocal: Extending aclocal
Extending list of installation directories: Uniform
Extension, executable: EXEEXT
Extra files distributed with Automake: automake Invocation
EXTRA_, prepending: Uniform
EXTRA_PROGRAMS, defined: Uniform
EXTRA_PROGRAMS, defined: Conditional Programs
EXTRA_prog_SOURCES, defined: Conditional Sources

false Example: true
FCFLAGS and AM_FCFLAGS: Flag Variables Ordering
Features of the GNU Build System: Use Cases
FFLAGS and AM_FFLAGS: Flag Variables Ordering
file names, limitations on: Limitations on File Names
filename-length-max=99: List of Automake options
Files distributed with Automake: automake Invocation
First line of General Operation
Flag variables, ordering: Flag Variables Ordering
Flag Variables, Ordering: Flag Variables Ordering
FLIBS, defined: Mixing Fortran 77 With C and C++
foreign: amhello's Setup Explained
foreign: List of Automake options
foreign strictness: Strictness
Fortran 77 support: Fortran 77 Support
Fortran 77, mixing with C and C++: Mixing Fortran 77 With C and C++
Fortran 77, Preprocessing: Preprocessing Fortran 77
Fortran 9x support: Fortran 9x Support

GCJFLAGS and AM_GCJFLAGS: Flag Variables Ordering
generated files and CVS: CVS
generated files, distributed: CVS
Gettext support: gettext
git-dist: General Operation
git-dist, non-standard example: General Operation
gnits: List of Automake options
gnits strictness: Strictness
gnu: List of Automake options
GNU Build System, basics: Basic Installation
GNU Build System, features: Use Cases
GNU Build System, introduction: GNU Build System
GNU Build System, use cases: Use Cases
GNU Coding Standards: GNU Build System
GNU Gettext support: gettext
GNU make extensions: General Operation
GNU Makefile standards: Introduction
gnu strictness: Strictness
GNUmakefile including Makefile: Third-Party Makefiles

hard error: Generalities about Testing
Header files in _SOURCES: Program Sources
HEADERS primary, defined: Headers
HEADERS, installation directories: Headers
Hello World example: Hello World
hook targets: Extending
HP-UX 10, lex problems: Public Macros
html: Texinfo
html: Extending
HTML output using Texinfo: Texinfo
html-local: Extending

id: Tags
if: Usage of Conditionals
include: Basics of Distribution
include: Include
include, distribution: Basics of Distribution
Including Makefile fragment: Include
indentation in General Operation
info: List of Automake options
info: Extending
info-local: Extending
install: Standard Targets
install: The Two Parts of Install
install: Extending
Install hook: Extending Installation
Install, two parts of: The Two Parts of Install
install-data: Two-Part Install
install-data: The Two Parts of Install
install-data: Extending
install-data-hook: Extending
install-data-local: Extending Installation
install-data-local: Extending
install-dvi: Texinfo
install-dvi: Extending
install-dvi-local: Extending
install-exec: Two-Part Install
install-exec: The Two Parts of Install
install-exec: Extending
install-exec-hook: Extending
install-exec-local: Extending Installation
install-exec-local: Extending
install-html: Texinfo
install-html: Extending
install-html-local: Extending
install-info: Texinfo
install-info: List of Automake options
install-info: Extending
install-info target: Texinfo
install-info-local: Extending
install-man: Man Pages
install-man: List of Automake options
install-man target: Man Pages
install-pdf: Texinfo
install-pdf: Extending
install-pdf-local: Extending
install-ps: Texinfo
install-ps: Extending
install-ps-local: Extending
install-strip: Standard Targets
install-strip: Install Rules for the User
Installation directories, extending list: Uniform
Installation support: Install
Installation, basics: Basic Installation
installcheck: Standard Targets
installcheck: Extending
installcheck-local: Extending
installdirs: Install Rules for the User
installdirs: Extending
installdirs-local: Extending
Installing headers: Headers
Installing scripts: Scripts
installing versioned binaries: Extending
Interfacing with third-party packages: Third-Party Makefiles
Invocation of aclocal: aclocal Invocation
Invocation of automake: automake Invocation
Invoking aclocal: aclocal Invocation
Invoking automake: automake Invocation

JAVA primary, defined: Java
JAVA restrictions: Java
Java support with gcj: Java Support with gcj
Java to bytecode, compilation: Java
Java to native code, compilation: Java Support with gcj

lazy test execution: Parallel Test Harness
LDADD and -l: Linking
LDFLAGS and AM_LDFLAGS: Flag Variables Ordering
lex problems with HP-UX 10: Public Macros
lex, multiple lexers: Yacc and Lex
LFLAGS and AM_LFLAGS: Flag Variables Ordering
libltdl, introduction: Libtool Concept
LIBOBJS, special handling: LIBOBJS
LIBRARIES primary, defined: A Library
libtool convenience libraries: Libtool Convenience Libraries
libtool libraries, conditional: Conditional Libtool Libraries
libtool library, definition: Libtool Concept
libtool modules: Libtool Modules
Libtool modules, default source example: Default _SOURCES
libtool, introduction: Libtool Concept
libtoolize and autoreconf: Error required file not found
libtoolize, no longer run by automake: Error required file not found
Limitations of automake parser: General Operation
Linking Fortran 77 with C and C++: Mixing Fortran 77 With C and C++
LISP primary, defined: Emacs Lisp
LN_S example: Extending
local targets: Extending
LTALLOCA, special handling: LTLIBOBJS
LTLIBOBJS, special handling: LTLIBOBJS
LTLIBRARIES primary, defined: Libtool Libraries not found: Error required file not found

m4_include, distribution: Basics of Distribution
Macro search path: Macro Search Path
macro serial numbers: Serials
Macros Automake recognizes: Optional
maintainer-clean-local: Clean
make check: Tests
make clean’ support: Clean
make dist: Basics of Distribution
make distcheck: Checking the Distribution
make distclean’, diagnostic: Errors with distclean
make distcleancheck: Checking the Distribution
make distuninstallcheck: Checking the Distribution
make install’ support: Install
make installcheck’, testing --help and --version: List of Automake options
Make rules, overriding: General Operation
Make targets, overriding: General Operation
Makefile fragment, including: Include, first line: General Operation, Hello World: amhello's Setup Explained
Man page renaming, avoiding: Man Pages
MANS primary, defined: Man Pages
many outputs, rules with: Multiple Outputs
mdate-sh: Texinfo
MinGW cross-compilation example: Cross-Compilation
missing, purpose: maintainer-mode
Mixed language example: Mixing Fortran 77 With C and C++
Mixing Fortran 77 with C and C++: Mixing Fortran 77 With C and C++
Mixing Fortran 77 with C and/or C++: Mixing Fortran 77 With C and C++
mkdir -p, macro check: Obsolete Macros
modules, libtool: Libtool Modules
mostlyclean: Extending
mostlyclean-local: Clean
mostlyclean-local: Extending
multiple configurations, example: VPATH Builds
Multiple files: automake Invocation
Multiple lex lexers: Yacc and Lex
multiple outputs, rules with: Multiple Outputs
Multiple yacc parsers: Yacc and Lex

Nested packages: Nested Packages
Nesting packages: Subpackages
no-define: Public Macros
no-define: List of Automake options
no-dependencies: Dependencies
no-dependencies: List of Automake options
no-dist: List of Automake options
no-dist-gzip: List of Automake options
no-dist-gzip: List of Automake options
no-exeext: List of Automake options
no-installinfo: Texinfo
no-installinfo: List of Automake options
no-installinfo option: Texinfo
no-installman: Man Pages
no-installman: List of Automake options
no-installman option: Man Pages
no-texinfo.tex: List of Automake options
nobase_ and dist_ or nodist_: Alternative
nobase_ prefix: Alternative
nodist_ and nobase_: Alternative
nodist_ and notrans_: Man Pages
noinst_’ primary prefix, definition: Uniform
Non-GNU packages: Strictness
Non-standard targets: General Operation
nostdinc: List of Automake options
notrans_ and dist_ or nodist_: Man Pages
notrans_ prefix: Man Pages

OBJCFLAGS and AM_OBJCFLAGS: Flag Variables Ordering
OBJCXXFLAGS and AM_OBJCXXFLAGS: Flag Variables Ordering
Objective C support: Objective C Support
Objective C++ support: Objective C++ Support
Objects in subdirectory: Program and Library Variables
obsolete macros: Obsolete Macros
optimized build, example: VPATH Builds
Option, --warnings=category: List of Automake options
Option, -Wcategory: List of Automake options
Option, check-news: List of Automake options
Option, color-tests: List of Automake options
Option, cygnus: List of Automake options
Option, dejagnu: List of Automake options
Option, dist-bzip2: List of Automake options
Option, dist-lzip: List of Automake options
Option, dist-shar: List of Automake options
Option, dist-tarZ: List of Automake options
Option, dist-zip: List of Automake options
Option, filename-length-max=99: List of Automake options
Option, foreign: List of Automake options
Option, gnits: List of Automake options
Option, gnu: List of Automake options
Option, no-define: List of Automake options
Option, no-dependencies: List of Automake options
Option, no-dist: List of Automake options
Option, no-dist-gzip: List of Automake options
Option, no-exeext: List of Automake options
Option, no-installinfo: Texinfo
Option, no-installinfo: List of Automake options
Option, no-installman: Man Pages
Option, no-installman: List of Automake options
Option, no-texinfo.tex: List of Automake options
Option, nostdinc: List of Automake options
Option, parallel-tests: List of Automake options
Option, readme-alpha: List of Automake options
Option, serial-tests: List of Automake options
Option, silent-rules: List of Automake options
Option, tar-pax: List of Automake options
Option, tar-ustar: List of Automake options
Option, tar-v7: List of Automake options
Option, version: List of Automake options
Option, warnings: List of Automake options
Options, aclocal: aclocal Options
Options, automake: automake Invocation
Options, std-options: List of Automake options
Options, subdir-objects: List of Automake options
Ordering flag variables: Flag Variables Ordering
Overriding make rules: General Operation
Overriding make targets: General Operation
Overriding make variables: General Operation
overriding rules: Extending
overriding semantics: Extending

PACKAGE, directory: Uniform
PACKAGE, prevent definition: Public Macros
Packages, nested: Nested Packages
Packages, preparation: Preparing Distributions
Parallel build trees: VPATH Builds
parallel-tests: List of Automake options
parallel-tests, Using: Parallel Test Harness
Path stripping, avoiding: Alternative
pax format: List of Automake options
pdf: Texinfo
pdf: Extending
PDF output using Texinfo: Texinfo
pdf-local: Extending
Per-object flags, emulated: Per-Object Flags
per-target compilation flags, defined: Program and Library Variables
pkgdatadir, defined: Uniform
pkgincludedir, defined: Uniform
pkglibdir, defined: Uniform
pkglibexecdir, defined: Uniform
POSIX termios headers: Obsolete Macros
Preparing distributions: Preparing Distributions
Preprocessing Fortran 77: Preprocessing Fortran 77
Primary variable, DATA: Data
Primary variable, defined: Uniform
Primary variable, HEADERS: Headers
Primary variable, JAVA: Java
Primary variable, LIBRARIES: A Library
Primary variable, LISP: Emacs Lisp
Primary variable, LTLIBRARIES: Libtool Libraries
Primary variable, MANS: Man Pages
Primary variable, PROGRAMS: Uniform
Primary variable, PYTHON: Python
Primary variable, SCRIPTS: Scripts
Primary variable, SOURCES: Program Sources
Primary variable, TEXINFOS: Texinfo
PROGRAMS primary variable: Uniform
Programs, auxiliary: Auxiliary Programs
PROGRAMS, bindir: Program Sources
Programs, conditional: Conditional Programs
Programs, renaming during installation: Renaming
prog_LDADD, defined: Linking
Proxy Makefile for third-party packages: Third-Party Makefiles
ps: Texinfo
ps: Extending
PS output using Texinfo: Texinfo
ps-local: Extending
PYTHON primary, defined: Python

Ratfor programs: Preprocessing Fortran 77
read-only source tree: VPATH Builds
readme-alpha: List of Automake options
README-alpha: Gnits
rebuild rules: Rebuilding
rebuild rules: CVS
recheck: Parallel Test Harness
Recognized macros by Automake: Optional
Recursive operation of Automake: General Operation
recursive targets and third-party Makefiles: Third-Party Makefiles
Register test case result: Log files generation and test results recording
Register test result: Log files generation and test results recording
Renaming programs: Renaming
Reporting bugs: Introduction
Requirements of Automake: Requirements
Requirements, Automake: Introduction
Restrictions for JAVA: Java
reStructuredText field, :copy-in-global-log:: Log files generation and test results recording
reStructuredText field, :recheck:: Log files generation and test results recording
reStructuredText field, :test-global-result:: Log files generation and test results recording
reStructuredText field, :test-result:: Log files generation and test results recording
RFLAGS and AM_RFLAGS: Flag Variables Ordering
rules with multiple outputs: Multiple Outputs
rules, conflicting: Extending
rules, debugging: Debugging Make Rules
rules, overriding: Extending

Scanning configure
SCRIPTS primary, defined: Scripts
SCRIPTS, installation directories: Scripts
Selecting the linker automatically: How the Linker is Chosen
serial number and --install: aclocal Options
serial numbers in macros: Serials
serial-tests: List of Automake options
serial-tests, Using: Serial Test Harness
Shared libraries, support for: A Shared Library
Silencing make: Silencing Make
Silent make: Silencing Make
Silent make rules: Silencing Make
Silent rules: Silencing Make
silent-rules: List of Automake options
silent-rules and libtool: Automake silent-rules Option
site.exp: DejaGnu Tests
source tree and build tree: VPATH Builds
source tree, read-only: VPATH Builds
SOURCES primary, defined: Program Sources
Special Automake comment: General Operation
Staged installation: DESTDIR
std-options: List of Automake options
Strictness, command line: automake Invocation
Strictness, defined: Strictness
Strictness, foreign: Strictness
Strictness, gnits: Strictness
Strictness, gnu: Strictness
su, before make install: Basic Installation
subdir-objects: List of Automake options
Subdirectories, building conditionally: Conditional Subdirectories
Subdirectories, configured conditionally: Unconfigured Subdirectories
Subdirectories, not distributed: Unconfigured Subdirectories
Subdirectory, objects in: Program and Library Variables
SUBDIRS and AC_SUBST: Subdirectories with AC_SUBST
SUBDIRS, conditional: Conditional Subdirectories
SUBDIRS, explained: Subdirectories
Subpackages: Nested Packages
Subpackages: Subpackages
suffix .la, defined: Libtool Concept
suffix .lo, defined: Libtool Concept
SUFFIXES, adding: Suffixes
Support for C++: C++ Support
Support for Fortran 77: Fortran 77 Support
Support for Fortran 9x: Fortran 9x Support
Support for GNU Gettext: gettext
Support for Java with gcj: Java Support with gcj
Support for Objective C: Objective C Support
Support for Objective C++: Objective C++ Support
Support for Unified Parallel C: Unified Parallel C Support
Support for Vala: Vala Support

tags: Tags
TAGS support: Tags
tar formats: List of Automake options
tar-pax: List of Automake options
tar-ustar: List of Automake options
tar-v7: List of Automake options
Target, install-info: Texinfo
Target, install-man: Man Pages
termios POSIX headers: Obsolete Macros
test case: Generalities about Testing
Test case result, registering: Log files generation and test results recording
test failure: Generalities about Testing
test harness: Generalities about Testing
test metadata: Parallel Test Harness
test pass: Generalities about Testing
Test result, registering: Log files generation and test results recording
test skip: Generalities about Testing
Test suites: Tests
Tests, expected failure: Scripts-based Testsuites
testsuite harness: Generalities about Testing
Testsuite progress on console: Scripts-based Testsuites
Texinfo flag, EDITION: Texinfo
Texinfo flag, UPDATED: Texinfo
Texinfo flag, UPDATED-MONTH: Texinfo
Texinfo flag, VERSION: Texinfo
texinfo.tex: Texinfo
TEXINFOS primary, defined: Texinfo
third-party files and CVS: CVS
Third-party packages, interfacing with: Third-Party Makefiles
timestamps and CVS: CVS
Transforming program names: Renaming
trees, source vs. build: VPATH Builds
true Example: true

underquoted AC_DEFUN: Extending aclocal
unexpected pass: Generalities about Testing
unexpected test pass: Generalities about Testing
Unified Parallel C support: Unified Parallel C Support
Uniform naming scheme: Uniform
uninstall: Standard Targets
uninstall: Install Rules for the User
uninstall: Extending
uninstall-hook: Extending
uninstall-local: Extending
Unit tests: Parallel Test Harness
Unpacking: Basic Installation
UPCFLAGS and AM_UPCFLAGS: Flag Variables Ordering
UPDATED Texinfo flag: Texinfo
UPDATED-MONTH Texinfo flag: Texinfo
Use Cases for the GNU Build System: Use Cases
user variables: User Variables
Using aclocal: configure
ustar format: List of Automake options

v7 tar format: List of Automake options
Vala Support: Vala Support
variables, conflicting: Extending
Variables, overriding: General Operation
variables, reserved for the user: User Variables
VERSION Texinfo flag: Texinfo
VERSION, prevent definition: Public Macros
version.m4, example: Rebuilding, example: Rebuilding
versioned binaries, installing: Extending
VPATH builds: VPATH Builds

wildcards: Wildcards
Windows: EXEEXT

xfail: Generalities about Testing
xpass: Generalities about Testing

yacc, multiple parsers: Yacc and Lex
YFLAGS and AM_YFLAGS: Flag Variables Ordering
ylwrap: Yacc and Lex

zardoz example: Complete

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