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6.4.2 Obsolete Macros

Although using some of the following macros was required in past releases, you should not use any of them in new code. All these macros will be removed in the next major Automake version; if you are still using them, running autoupdate should adjust your automatically (see Using autoupdate to Modernize in The Autoconf Manual). Do it NOW!


From Automake 1.8 to 1.9.6 this macro used to define the output variable mkdir_p to one of mkdir -p, install-sh -d, or mkinstalldirs.

Nowadays Autoconf provides a similar functionality with AC_PROG_MKDIR_P (see Particular Program Checks in The Autoconf Manual), however this defines the output variable MKDIR_P instead. In case you are still using the AM_PROG_MKDIR_P macro in your, or its provided variable $(mkdir_p) in your, you are advised to switch ASAP to the more modern Autoconf-provided interface instead; both the macro and the variable might be removed in a future major Automake release.