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27.12 Reporting Bugs

Most nontrivial software has bugs. Automake is no exception. Although we cannot promise we can or will fix a bug, and we might not even agree that it is a bug, we want to hear about problems you encounter. Often we agree they are bugs and want to fix them.

To make it possible for us to fix a bug, please report it. In order to do so effectively, it helps to know when and how to do it.

Before reporting a bug, it is a good idea to see if it is already known. You can look at the GNU Bug Tracker and the bug-automake mailing list archives for previous bug reports. We previously used a Gnats database for bug tracking, so some bugs might have been reported there already. Please do not use it for new bug reports, however.

If the bug is not already known, it should be reported. It is very important to report bugs in a way that is useful and efficient. For this, please familiarize yourself with How to Report Bugs Effectively and How to Ask Questions the Smart Way. This helps you and developers to save time which can then be spent on fixing more bugs and implementing more features.

For a bug report, a feature request or other suggestions, please send email to This will then open a new bug in the bug tracker. Be sure to include the versions of Autoconf and Automake that you use. Ideally, post a minimal and that reproduces the problem you encounter. If you have encountered test suite failures, please attach the test-suite.log file.

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