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26.12 Reporting Bugs

Most nontrivial software has bugs. Automake is no exception. We cannot promise we can or will fix a bug, and we might not even agree that it is a bug, but we want to hear about problems you encounter. Often we agree they are bugs and want to fix them.

So, to make it possible for us to fix a bug, please report it. If you can, though, it is helpful if you check if it is already known. You can look at the GNU Bug Tracker and the bug-automake mailing list archives for previous bug reports. (We previously used a Gnats database for bug tracking, but it is no longer online.)

If the bug is not already known, it should be reported. To report bugs in a way that is useful and efficient, please read How to Report Bugs Effectively and How to Ask Questions the Smart Way. Good bug reports save time for everyone.

For a bug report, a feature request or other suggestions, please send email to This will then open a new bug in the bug tracker. Be sure to include the versions of Autoconf and Automake that you use and the kind of system you’re on. Ideally, post a minimal and that reproduces the problem you encounter. If you have encountered test suite failures, please attach the test-suite.log file.