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6.12 Shell Compatibility Mode

Bash-4.0 introduced the concept of a ‘shell compatibility level’, specified as a set of options to the shopt builtin (compat31, compat32, compat40, compat41, and so on). There is only one current compatibility level – each option is mutually exclusive. The compatibility level is intended to allow users to select behavior from previous versions that is incompatible with newer versions while they migrate scripts to use current features and behavior. It’s intended to be a temporary solution.

This section does not mention behavior that is standard for a particular version (e.g., setting compat32 means that quoting the rhs of the regexp matching operator quotes special regexp characters in the word, which is default behavior in bash-3.2 and above).

If a user enables, say, compat32, it may affect the behavior of other compatibility levels up to and including the current compatibility level. The idea is that each compatibility level controls behavior that changed in that version of Bash, but that behavior may have been present in earlier versions. For instance, the change to use locale-based comparisons with the [[ command came in bash-4.1, and earlier versions used ASCII-based comparisons, so enabling compat32 will enable ASCII-based comparisons as well. That granularity may not be sufficient for all uses, and as a result users should employ compatibility levels carefully. Read the documentation for a particular feature to find out the current behavior.

Bash-4.3 introduced a new shell variable: BASH_COMPAT. The value assigned to this variable (a decimal version number like 4.2, or an integer corresponding to the compatNN option, like 42) determines the compatibility level.

Starting with bash-4.4, Bash has begun deprecating older compatibility levels. Eventually, the options will be removed in favor of BASH_COMPAT.

Bash-5.0 is the final version for which there will be an individual shopt option for the previous version. Users should use BASH_COMPAT on bash-5.0 and later versions.

The following table describes the behavior changes controlled by each compatibility level setting. The compatNN tag is used as shorthand for setting the compatibility level to NN using one of the following mechanisms. For versions prior to bash-5.0, the compatibility level may be set using the corresponding compatNN shopt option. For bash-4.3 and later versions, the BASH_COMPAT variable is preferred, and it is required for bash-5.1 and later versions.

compat50 (set using BASH_COMPAT)

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