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13.10 Bug Reports

I found a bug. What should I include in the bug report?

Before sending a bug report, make sure you are using the latest version. Check or one of its mirrors. Be sure to include the version number in your bug report. If the bug is present in the latest version but not in a previous version, try to determine the most recent version which did not contain the bug.

If the bug is parser-related, you should include the smallest grammar you can which demonstrates the bug. The grammar file should also be complete (i.e., I should be able to run it through Bison without having to edit or add anything). The smaller and simpler the grammar, the easier it will be to fix the bug.

Include information about your compilation environment, including your operating system’s name and version and your compiler’s name and version. If you have trouble compiling, you should also include a transcript of the build session, starting with the invocation of configure. Depending on the nature of the bug, you may be asked to send additional files as well (such as config.h or config.cache).

Patches are most welcome, but not required. That is, do not hesitate to send a bug report just because you cannot provide a fix.

Send bug reports to