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Appendix B CCD sheet format

Warning: This appendix describes the CCD sheet format. This description is the result of observation, deduction and tests. Although there is quite some uncertainty about the semantics of a number of elements, it is expected that every applicable entry, or otherwise relevant element — for the production of the corresponding CUE sheet — is well understood. Due to its proprietary nature, no authoritative, free and public available reference of the CCD sheet format do exist. Whereas the information contained herein is thought to be accurate, there is no guarantee of its correctness.

The CCD sheet format is an instance of the INI format; a simple text file with a basic structure composed of sections and properties. The following syntactic rules apply to CCD sheets:

  1. Every section has a name in square brackets that appears on a line by itself (as in [CDText]).
  2. Every property has a name and a value (in the form name=value — there is no space around ‘=’) and belongs exclusively to one section: the nearest upward section.
  3. There is no explicit end-of-section delimiter (sections end at the next section declaration or end-of-file) and sections cannot be nested.
  4. A ‘ ’ (space) can occur in a indexed section (resp. property) name followed by a number (like in [Session 3] (resp. INDEX 0=17524)).
  5. Each non-indexed section (resp. property) come out only once per file (resp. section).
  6. Indexes of sections and properties starts at the minimum value allowed and increment sequentially.

Each following manual section corresponds to a CCD sheet section, and each subsection within to a valid property of its parent section. The sequence in which sections should be declared in the CCD sheet is the same given below. For each section and property is explained its meaning, and for properties is made explicit its value type. A ‘(?)’ indicates the correspondent property value is not more than believed to be right or is a guess against which no counter example do exist so far. In the end of each section description is presented a code example of that section using each available property just described. Indexed sections and properties are those whose syntax references index. Unless otherwise noted, each section and property are mandatory. The correlation with CUE sheet format is expressed by means of cross references to the relevant CUE commands.

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