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1.3 Getting a copy

One way to get a copy of this program is from someone else who has it. You need not ask for our permission to do so, or tell any one else; just copy it. You may also receive this program when you buy a computer. Computer manufacturers are free to distribute copies on the same terms that apply to everyone else. These terms require them to give you the full sources, including whatever changes they may have made, and to permit you to redistribute the program received from them under the usual terms of the GNU General Public License. In other words, the program must be free for you when you get it, not just free for the manufacturer.

If you have access to the Internet, you can get the latest distribution version of this program at Please, use a mirror if possible; you will be automatically redirected to the nearest mirror at

A VCS repository, where the development takes place, is also available. It maintains the full history of modifications of every single source file. You can checkout any given revision of any file or get a snapshot of the entire source tree in a particular desired state. Special build tools, as described in Hacking, are required to build from those checkouts, though. Notably, to stay up to date with the latest developments in the source tree, you can anonymously checkout the repository with the following command:

git clone git://