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GNU Classpath


The test framework for GNU Classpath is called Mauve . There are instructions within the Mauve website on how to download and use Mauve. Writing Mauve tests is the most important thing GNU Classpath developers could do for the project at this time.

Java API compatibility testing can be performed using japitools . Japitools already does full API comparisons but it doesn't have the capability to extract APIs from the documentation - instead, the "japize" tool uses the jode.bytecode library to identify the public members of a given set of packages from the binary jars or zips. But japitools does separate the API-inspection phase ("japize") from the compatibility-testing phase ("japicompat") so it would be easy to offer an alternative to japize that worked on API documentation.

Another method of API compatibility testing is to use jdiff.sh , at least until this functionality is merged into japitools.

Many free benchmarks are available. Benchmarks are a good way to test the functionality of a VM and at the same time get results that can be compared.
Ashes The Ashes benchmark

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