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2.7 Emulation

Because of its simularity with join, combine has an emulation mode that allows you to use the syntax of the join command to start combine.

The emulation can be started by using ‘--emulate join’ option as the first option after the command name. After that, you can use the same options you get with join.

For details of the join command, see See (coreutils.info)join invocation section ‘Join Invocation’ in GNU Coreutils Manual. When tested against the test cases packaged with GNU Coreutils, results are identical to join with a couple of exceptions:

There are also a number of features of combine that come through in the emulation. The main features relate to the keys: the sort order of the records in relation to the keys does not matter to combine. combine also allows you to specify a list of key fields (comma-delimited) rather than just one as arguments to ‘-1’, ‘-2’, and ‘-j’. You should make sure that the number of key fields is the same.

Another feature is that the second input file can actually be as many files as you want. That way you can avoid putting the records from several files together if not otherwise necessary.

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