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1.2 New in this release

The following major, user-visible changes have been introduced since version 1.5.3.

  1. Support for target communication via SSH has been added.
  2. A large number of very old config and baseboard files have been removed. If you need to resurrect these, you can get them from version 1.5.3. If you can show that a board is still in use, it can be put back in the distribution.
  3. The --status command line option is now the default. This means that any error in the testsuite Tcl scripts will cause runtest to abort with exit status code 2. The --status option has been removed from the documentation, but will continue to be accepted for backward compatibility.
  4. runtest now exits with exit code 0 if the testsuite "passed", 1 if something unexpected happened (eg, FAIL, XPASS or UNRESOLVED), and 2 if an exception is raised by the Tcl interpreter.
  5. runtest now exits with the standard exit codes of programs that are terminated by the SIGINT, SIGTERM and SIGQUIT signals.
  6. The user-visible utility procedures absolute, psource and slay have been removed. If a testsuite uses any of these procedures, a copy of the procedure should be made and placed in the lib directory of the testsuite.
  7. Support was added for testing the D compiler.
  8. ~/.dejagnurc is now loaded last, not first. This allows the user to have the ability to override anything in their environment (even the site.exp file specified by $DEJAGNU).
  9. The user-visible utility procedure unsetenv is deprecated and will be removed in the next release. If a testsuite uses this procedure, a copy should be made and placed in the lib directory of the testsuite.

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