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B.1 Class Module Design

The Class module, which is accessible via ‘require( 'easejs').Class’, is the backbone of the entire project. In a class-based Object-Oriented model, as one could guess by the name, the class is the star player. When the project began, this was the only initial implementation detail. Everything else was later layered atop of it.

As such, developing the Class module took the most thought and presented the largest challenge throughout the project. Every detail of its implementation exists for a reason. Nothing was put in place because the author simply “felt like it”. The project aims to exist as a strong, reliable standard for the development of JavaScript-based applications. If such a goal is to be attained, the feature set and implementation details would have to be strongly functional, easy to use and make sense to the Object-Oriented developer community.

The design also requires a strong understanding of Object-Oriented development. Attention was paid to the nuances that could otherwise introduce bugs or an inconsistent implementation.