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3 Member Keywords

Keywords are defined within the context of the definition object (see Definition Object). In the sections that follow, let C denote a class that contains the definition object dfn, which in turn contains keywords within the declaration of method name, whose definition is denoted by value.

The table below summarizes the available keywords accepted by keywords.

publicPlaces member name into the public API for C (see Access Modifiers); this is the default visibility.
protectedPlaces member name into the protected API for C (see Access Modifiers).
privatePlaces member name into the private API for C (see Access Modifiers); this is done implicitly if the member name is prefixed with an underscore, unless another access modifier is explicitly provided.
staticBinds member name to class C rather than instance of C. Member data shared with each instance of type C. See Static Members.
abstractDeclares member name and defers definition to subtype. value is interpreted as an argument list and must be of type array. May only be used with methods. Member name must be part of dfn of either an Interface or AbstractClass. See Abstract Members.
constDefines an immutable property name. May not be used with methods or getters/setters. See Constants.
virtualDeclares that method name may be overridden by subtypes. Methods without this keyword may not be overridden. May only be used with methods. See Inheritance.
overrideOverrides method name of supertype of C with value. May only override virtual methods. May only be used with methods. See Inheritance.
proxyProxies calls to method name to the object stored in property value.

Table 3.1: Supported keywords

Not all keywords are supported by each member and some keywords conflict with each other. More information can be found in the appropriate sections as mentioned above in Table 3.1.

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