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GNU EDMA is the Entorno de Desarrollo Modular y Abierto, or in English the Modular and Open Development Environment (named MODE by Russel Reed in the first GNU/EDMA documentation translations). The name is in Spanish because GNU EDMA has been developed by GPI (Grupo de Procesado de Imagen or Image Processing Group) at Vigo University, Spain.

GNU EDMA provides an Object Oriented Component-Based development environment to build modular and evolving applications as well as highly reusable components. To achieve this, GNU EDMA shares features of OO programming languages and component based systems in a loosely coupled environment.


For the latest news check the Savannah Project Page. Old news can be found here.

GNU EDMA's main features

Open Tasks and Help Wanted



Documentation is available from CVS (gnuedma/corie/doc) and most of the texts require review by native english speakers. They will be added to this page when corrected.

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