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12 Statement Templates

Templates are defined for most Ada statements, using the Emacs “skeleton” package. They can be inserted in the buffer using the following commands:

C-c t b
exception Block (ada-exception-block).
C-c t c
case (ada-case).
C-c t d
declare Block (ada-declare-block).
C-c t e
else (ada-else).
C-c t f
for Loop (ada-for-loop).
C-c t h
Header (ada-header).
C-c t i
if (ada-if).
C-c t k
package Body (ada-package-body).
C-c t l
loop (ada-loop).
C-c p
subprogram body (ada-subprogram-body).
C-c t t
task Body (ada-task-body).
C-c t w
while Loop (ada-while).
C-c t u
use (ada-use).
C-c t x
exit (ada-exit).
C-c t C-a
array (ada-array).
C-c t C-e
elsif (ada-elsif).
C-c t C-f
function Spec (ada-function-spec).
C-c t C-k
package Spec (ada-package-spec).
C-c t C-p
procedure Spec (ada-package-spec.
C-c t C-r
record (ada-record).
C-c t C-s
subtype (ada-subtype).
C-c t C-t
task Spec (ada-task-spec).
C-c t C-u
with (ada-with).
C-c t C-v
private (ada-private).
C-c t C-w
when (ada-when).
C-c t C-x
exception (ada-exception).
C-c t C-y
type (ada-type).