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Index of Algebraic Functions

This is a list of built-in functions and operators usable in algebraic expressions. Their full Lisp names are derived by adding the prefix ‘calcFunc-’, as in calcFunc-sqrt.

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Index Entry  Section

!: Combinatorial Functions
!: Logical Operations
!!: Combinatorial Functions
!!!: Other Features of Rewrite Rules
!=: Logical Operations

%: Basic Arithmetic
%: Percentages

&&: Logical Operations
&&&: Other Features of Rewrite Rules

*: Basic Arithmetic

+: Basic Arithmetic
+/-: Error Forms

-: Basic Arithmetic

/: Basic Arithmetic

:: Logical Operations
::: Other Features of Rewrite Rules
:=: Evaluates-To Operator

<: Logical Operations
<=: Logical Operations

=: Logical Operations
==: Logical Operations
=>: Evaluates-To Operator

>: Logical Operations
>=: Logical Operations

?: Logical Operations

\: Basic Arithmetic

^: Basic Arithmetic

_: Extracting Elements

|: Building Vectors
||: Logical Operations
|||: Other Features of Rewrite Rules

abs: Basic Arithmetic
abs (vectors): Vector and Matrix Arithmetic
abssqr: Basic Arithmetic
accum: Reducing
acute: TeX and LaTeX Language Modes
Acute: TeX and LaTeX Language Modes
add: Specifying Operators
afixp: Nesting and Fixed Points
agmean: Single-Variable Statistics
alog: Logarithmic Functions
an: Multiple Solutions
and: Binary Functions
anest: Nesting and Fixed Points
apart: Polynomials
append: Building Vectors
apply: Reducing and Mapping
apply (rewrites): Other Features of Rewrite Rules
arccos: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
arccosh: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
arcsin: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
arcsincos: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
arcsinh: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
arctan: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
arctan2: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
arctanh: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
arg: Complex Number Functions
arrange: Manipulating Vectors
as: Multiple Solutions
ash: Binary Functions
assign: Evaluates-To Operator
asum: Summations

badd: Business Days
bar: TeX and LaTeX Language Modes
Bar: TeX and LaTeX Language Modes
bcount: Bit Counting Example
bern: Combinatorial Functions
besJ: Advanced Math Functions
besY: Advanced Math Functions
beta: Advanced Math Functions
betaB: Advanced Math Functions
betaI: Advanced Math Functions
breve: TeX and LaTeX Language Modes
Breve: TeX and LaTeX Language Modes
bstring: Strings
bsub: Business Days

call: Specifying Operators
cascent: Information about Compositions
cbase: Vertical Compositions
cbbase: Vertical Compositions
cbspace: Other Compositions
cdescent: Information about Compositions
ceil: Integer Truncation
cflat: Other Compositions
check: TeX and LaTeX Language Modes
Check: TeX and LaTeX Language Modes
cheight: Information about Compositions
choose: Combinatorial Functions
choriz: Horizontal Compositions
clean: Conversions
clip: Binary Functions
clvert: Vertical Compositions
cnorm: Vector and Matrix Arithmetic
collect: Polynomials
condition: Other Features of Rewrite Rules
conj: Complex Number Functions
cons: Building Vectors
cons (rewrites): Other Features of Rewrite Rules
constant: Logical Operations
cos: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
cosh: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
cot: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
coth: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
cprec: Composition Basics
cross: Vector and Matrix Arithmetic
crule: Vertical Compositions
crvert: Vertical Compositions
csc: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
csch: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
cspace: Other Compositions
csub: Other Compositions
csup: Other Compositions
ctbase: Vertical Compositions
ctrn: Vector and Matrix Arithmetic
ctspace: Other Compositions
curve: Composing Patterns in Rewrite Rules
cvec: Building Vectors
cvert: Vertical Compositions
cvspace: Other Compositions
cwidth: Information about Compositions

date: Date Conversions
day: Date Functions
dbfield: Logarithmic Units
dbpower: Logarithmic Units
ddb: Depreciation Functions
ddddot: TeX and LaTeX Language Modes
dddot: TeX and LaTeX Language Modes
decr: Basic Arithmetic
deg: Conversions
deriv: Differentiation
det: Vector and Matrix Arithmetic
deven: Functions for Declarations
dfact: Combinatorial Functions
diag: Building Vectors
diff: Binary Functions
dimag: Functions for Declarations
dint: Functions for Declarations
div: Specifying Operators
dnatnum: Functions for Declarations
dneg: Functions for Declarations
dnonneg: Functions for Declarations
dnonzero: Functions for Declarations
dnumint: Functions for Declarations
dodd: Functions for Declarations
dot: TeX and LaTeX Language Modes
Dot: TeX and LaTeX Language Modes
dotdot: TeX and LaTeX Language Modes
DotDot: TeX and LaTeX Language Modes
dpos: Functions for Declarations
drange: Functions for Declarations
drat: Functions for Declarations
dreal: Functions for Declarations
dsadj: Time Zones
dscalar: Functions for Declarations
dyad: TeX and LaTeX Language Modes

efit: Error Estimates for Fits
egcd: Combinatorial Functions
Ei: Customizing the Integrator
elim: Solving Systems of Equations
ends: Composing Patterns in Rewrite Rules
eq: Logical Operations
erf: Advanced Math Functions
erfc: Advanced Math Functions
esimplify: Unsafe Simplifications
euler: Combinatorial Functions
eval: Other Features of Rewrite Rules
evalextsimp: Other Features of Rewrite Rules
evalsimp: Other Features of Rewrite Rules
evalto: Evaluates-To Operator
evalv: Algebraic Manipulation
evalvn: Algebraic Manipulation
exp: Logarithmic Functions
exp10: Logarithmic Functions
expand: Polynomials
expm1: Logarithmic Functions

fact: Combinatorial Functions
factor: Polynomials
factors: Polynomials
fceil: Integer Truncation
fdiv: Basic Arithmetic
ffinv: Multiple Solutions
ffloor: Integer Truncation
fib: Rewrites Tutorial
find: Manipulating Vectors
finv: Multiple Solutions
fit: Linear Fits
fitdummy: Curve Fitting Details
fitmodel: Curve Fitting Details
fitparam: Curve Fitting Details
fitsystem: Curve Fitting Details
fitvar: Curve Fitting Details
fixp: Nesting and Fixed Points
float: Conversions
floor: Integer Truncation
frac: Conversions
freq: Musical Notes
fround: Integer Truncation
frounde: Integer Truncation
froundu: Integer Truncation
fsolve: Multiple Solutions
ftrunc: Integer Truncation
fv: Future Value
fvb: Future Value
fvl: Future Value

gamma: Advanced Math Functions
gammag: Advanced Math Functions
gammaG: Advanced Math Functions
gammaP: Advanced Math Functions
gammaQ: Advanced Math Functions
gcd: Combinatorial Functions
geq: Logical Operations
getdiag: Extracting Elements
gpoly: Decomposing Polynomials
grade: Manipulating Vectors
grave: TeX and LaTeX Language Modes
Grave: TeX and LaTeX Language Modes
gt: Logical Operations

hasfitparams: Curve Fitting Details
hasfitvars: Curve Fitting Details
hat: TeX and LaTeX Language Modes
Hat: TeX and LaTeX Language Modes
head: Building Vectors
histogram: Manipulating Vectors
hms: Conversions
holiday: Business Days
hour: Date Functions
hypot: Basic Arithmetic

idiv: Basic Arithmetic
idn: Building Vectors
ierf: Other Features of Rewrite Rules
if: Logical Operations
ilog: Logarithmic Functions
im: Complex Number Functions
import: Other Features of Rewrite Rules
in: Logical Operations
incmonth: Date Functions
incr: Basic Arithmetic
incyear: Date Functions
index: Building Vectors
inner: Generalized Products
integ: Integration
integer: Logical Operations
intv: Interval Forms
inv: Basic Arithmetic
inv (matrices): Vector and Matrix Arithmetic
irr: Related Financial Functions
irrb: Related Financial Functions
islin: Logical Operations
islinnt: Logical Operations
isqrt: Basic Arithmetic
istrue: Logical Operations
iterations: Nested Formulas with Rewrite Rules

julian: Date Conversions

kron: Vector and Matrix Arithmetic

lambda: Specifying Operators
land: Logical Operations
lcm: Combinatorial Functions
leq: Logical Operations
let: Other Features of Rewrite Rules
lin: Logical Operations
linnt: Logical Operations
ln: Logarithmic Functions
lnot: Logical Operations
lnp1: Logarithmic Functions
log: Logarithmic Functions
log10: Logarithmic Functions
lor: Logical Operations
lsh: Binary Functions
lt: Logical Operations
ltpb: Probability Distribution Functions
ltpc: Probability Distribution Functions
ltpf: Probability Distribution Functions
ltpn: Probability Distribution Functions
ltpp: Probability Distribution Functions
ltpt: Probability Distribution Functions
lud: Vector and Matrix Arithmetic
lufadd: Logarithmic Units
lufdiv: Logarithmic Units
lufmul: Logarithmic Units
lufquant: Logarithmic Units
lufsub: Logarithmic Units
lupadd: Logarithmic Units
lupdiv: Logarithmic Units
lupmul: Logarithmic Units
lupquant: Logarithmic Units
lupsub: Logarithmic Units

makemod: Modulo Forms
mant: Basic Arithmetic
map: Mapping
mapa: Mapping
mapc: Mapping
mapd: Mapping
mapeq: Algebraic Manipulation
mapeqp: Algebraic Manipulation
mapeqr: Algebraic Manipulation
mapr: Mapping
match: Matching Commands
matches: Matching Commands
matchnot: Matching Commands
max: Basic Arithmetic
maximize: Minimization
mcol: Extracting Elements
mdims: Manipulating Vectors
midi: Musical Notes
min: Basic Arithmetic
minimize: Minimization
minute: Date Functions
mod: Specifying Operators
mod (operator): Modulo Forms
moebius: Combinatorial Functions
month: Date Functions
mrcol: Extracting Elements
mrow: Extracting Elements
mrrow: Extracting Elements
mul: Specifying Operators
mysin: Sine Example

neg: Specifying Operators
negative: Logical Operations
neq: Logical Operations
nest: Nesting and Fixed Points
newmonth: Date Functions
newweek: Date Functions
newyear: Date Functions
nextprime: Combinatorial Functions
ninteg: Numerical Integration
nonvar: Logical Operations
not: Binary Functions
now: Date Functions
nper: Related Financial Functions
nperb: Related Financial Functions
nperl: Related Financial Functions
npfield: Logarithmic Units
nppower: Logarithmic Units
npv: Present Value
npvb: Present Value
nrat: Polynomials
nroot: Basic Arithmetic
nterms: Rewrites Answer 5

opt: Other Features of Rewrite Rules
or: Binary Functions
outer: Generalized Products

pack: Packing and Unpacking
pand: Other Features of Rewrite Rules
pclean: Conversions
pcont: Decomposing Polynomials
pdeg: Decomposing Polynomials
pdiv: Polynomials
pdivide: Polynomials
pdivrem: Polynomials
percent: Percentages
perm: Combinatorial Functions
pfloat: Conversions
pfrac: Conversions
pgcd: Polynomials
phase: Multi-Phase Rewrite Rules
plain: Other Features of Rewrite Rules
plead: Decomposing Polynomials
pmt: Related Financial Functions
pmtb: Related Financial Functions
pnot: Other Features of Rewrite Rules
polar: Conversions
polint: Interpolation
poly: Decomposing Polynomials
por: Other Features of Rewrite Rules
pow: Specifying Operators
pprim: Decomposing Polynomials
prem: Polynomials
prevprime: Combinatorial Functions
prfac: Combinatorial Functions
Prime: TeX and LaTeX Language Modes
prime: Combinatorial Functions
prod: Summations
pv: Present Value
pvb: Present Value
pvl: Present Value
pwday: Date Functions

quote: Other Features of Rewrite Rules

raccum: Reducing
rad: Conversions
random: Random Numbers
rash: Binary Functions
rate: Related Financial Functions
rateb: Related Financial Functions
ratel: Related Financial Functions
ratint: Interpolation
rcons: Building Vectors
rcons (rewrites): Other Features of Rewrite Rules
rdup: Set Operations
re: Complex Number Functions
real: Logical Operations
rect: Conversions
reduce: Reducing
reducea: Reducing
reducec: Reducing
reduced: Reducing
reducer: Reducing
refers: Logical Operations
relch: Percentages
remember: Other Features of Rewrite Rules
rev: Manipulating Vectors
rewrite: Rewrite Rules
rgrade: Manipulating Vectors
rhead: Building Vectors
rmeq: Logical Operations
rms: Single-Variable Statistics
rnorm: Vector and Matrix Arithmetic
root: Root Finding
roots: Multiple Solutions
rot: Binary Functions
round: Integer Truncation
rounde: Integer Truncation
roundu: Integer Truncation
rreduce: Reducing
rreducea: Reducing
rreducec: Reducing
rreduced: Reducing
rreducer: Reducing
rsh: Binary Functions
rsort: Manipulating Vectors
rsubvec: Extracting Elements
rtail: Building Vectors

scf: Basic Arithmetic
schedule: Multi-Phase Rewrite Rules
sdev: Error Forms
sec: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
sech: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
second: Date Functions
select: Other Features of Rewrite Rules
seq: Rewrites Answer 4
shuffle: Random Numbers
Si: Programming Tutorial
sign: Basic Arithmetic
simplify: Simplifying Formulas
sin: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
sincos: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
sinh: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
sln: Depreciation Functions
solve: Solving Equations
sort: Manipulating Vectors
spn: Musical Notes
sqr: Scientific Functions
sqrt: Basic Arithmetic
stir1: Combinatorial Functions
stir2: Combinatorial Functions
string: Strings
sub: Specifying Operators
subscr: Extracting Elements
subst: Algebraic Manipulation
subvec: Extracting Elements
sum: Summations
syd: Depreciation Functions

table: Summations
tail: Building Vectors
tan: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
tanh: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
taylor: Taylor Series
tderiv: Differentiation
thecoefs: Polynomials
thefactors: Polynomials
tilde: TeX and LaTeX Language Modes
Tilde: TeX and LaTeX Language Modes
time: Date Functions
totient: Combinatorial Functions
tr: Vector and Matrix Arithmetic
trn: Manipulating Vectors
trunc: Integer Truncation
typeof: Logical Operations
tzconv: Date Conversions
tzone: Time Zones

under: TeX and LaTeX Language Modes
unixtime: Date Conversions
unpack: Packing and Unpacking
unpackt: Packing and Unpacking
usimplify: Basic Operations on Units
utpb: Probability Distribution Functions
utpc: Probability Distribution Functions
utpf: Probability Distribution Functions
utpn: Probability Distribution Functions
utpp: Probability Distribution Functions
utpt: Probability Distribution Functions

variable: Logical Operations
vcard: Set Operations
vcompl: Set Operations
vconcat: Specifying Operators
vcorr: Paired-Sample Statistics
vcount: Single-Variable Statistics
vcov: Paired-Sample Statistics
vdiff: Set Operations
vec: Vectors and Matrices
Vec: TeX and LaTeX Language Modes
VEC: TeX and LaTeX Language Modes
venum: Set Operations
vexp: Manipulating Vectors
vflat: Single-Variable Statistics
vfloor: Set Operations
vgmean: Single-Variable Statistics
vhmean: Single-Variable Statistics
vint: Set Operations
vlen: Manipulating Vectors
vmask: Manipulating Vectors
vmatches: Matching Commands
vmax: Single-Variable Statistics
vmean: Single-Variable Statistics
vmeane: Single-Variable Statistics
vmedian: Single-Variable Statistics
vmin: Single-Variable Statistics
vpack: Set Operations
vpcov: Paired-Sample Statistics
vprod: Single-Variable Statistics
vpsdev: Single-Variable Statistics
vpvar: Single-Variable Statistics
vsdev: Single-Variable Statistics
vspan: Set Operations
vsum: Single-Variable Statistics
vunion: Set Operations
vunpack: Set Operations
vvar: Single-Variable Statistics
vxor: Set Operations

weekday: Date Functions
wmaximize: Minimization
wminimize: Minimization
wroot: Root Finding

xfit: Error Estimates for Fits
xor: Binary Functions
xpon: Basic Arithmetic
xy: Basic Graphics
xyz: Three Dimensional Graphics

year: Date Functions
yearday: Date Functions

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