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15.2 Functions Menu


This menu provides various operations from the f and k prefix keys.

IMAG multiplies the number on the stack by the imaginary number ‘i = (0, 1)’.

RE extracts the real part a complex number. INV RE extracts the imaginary part.

RAND takes a number from the top of the stack and computes a random number greater than or equal to zero but less than that number. (See Random Numbers.) RAGN is the “random again” command; it computes another random number using the same limit as last time.

INV GCD computes the LCM (least common multiple) function.

INV FACT is the gamma function. ‘gamma(x) = (x-1)!’.

PERM is the number-of-permutations function, which is on the H k c key in normal Calc.

NXTP finds the next prime after a number. INV NXTP finds the previous prime.