Variable Index

Since most CC Mode variables are prepended with the string ‘c-’, each appears under its c-thing name and its thing (c-) name.

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abbrev-mode: Electric Keys
adaptive-fill-first-line-regexp: Custom Filling and Breaking
adaptive-fill-mode: Custom Filling and Breaking
adaptive-fill-mode: Custom Filling and Breaking
adaptive-fill-regexp: Custom Filling and Breaking
asymmetry-fontification-flag (c-): Misc Font Locking
auto-align-backslashes (c-): Macro Backslashes
awk-mode-hook: CC Hooks

backslash-column (c-): Macro Backslashes
backslash-max-column (c-): Macro Backslashes
backspace-function (c-): Hungry WS Deletion
basic-offset (c-): Customizing Indentation
block-comment-prefix (c-): Custom Filling and Breaking

c++-font-lock-extra-types: Font Locking Preliminaries
c++-mode-hook: CC Hooks
c-asymmetry-fontification-flag: Misc Font Locking
c-auto-align-backslashes: Macro Backslashes
c-backslash-column: Macro Backslashes
c-backslash-max-column: Macro Backslashes
c-backspace-function: Hungry WS Deletion
c-basic-offset: Customizing Indentation
c-block-comment-prefix: Custom Filling and Breaking
c-cleanup-list: Clean-ups
c-comment-continuation-stars: Custom Filling and Breaking
c-comment-only-line-offset: Comment Line-Up
c-comment-prefix-regexp: Custom Filling and Breaking
c-comment-prefix-regexp: Custom Filling and Breaking
c-cpp-indent-to-body-directives: Indenting Directives
c-default-style: Choosing a Style
c-defun-tactic: Movement Commands
c-delete-function: Hungry WS Deletion
c-doc-comment-style: Doc Comments
c-echo-syntactic-information-p: Odds and Ends
c-electric-pound-behavior: Electric Keys
c-enable-xemacs-performance-kludge-p: Performance Issues
c-file-offsets: File Styles
c-file-style: File Styles
c-font-lock-extra-types: Font Locking Preliminaries
c-guess-offset-threshold: Guessing the Style
c-guess-region-max: Guessing the Style
c-hanging-braces-alist: Hanging Braces
c-hanging-braces-alist: Custom Braces
c-hanging-colons-alist: Hanging Colons
c-hanging-colons-alist: Hanging Colons
c-hanging-semi&comma-criteria: Hanging Semicolons and Commas
c-ignore-auto-fill: Custom Filling and Breaking
c-indent-comment-alist: Comment Commands
c-indent-comments-syntactically-p: Comment Commands
c-indentation-style: Choosing a Style
c-initialization-hook: CC Hooks
c-insert-tab-function: Indentation Commands
c-invalid-face: Faces
c-Java-defun-prompt-regexp: Performance Issues
c-label-minimum-indentation: Other Indentation
c-macro-names-with-semicolon: Macros with ;
c-mark-wrong-style-of-comment: Wrong Comment Style
c-max-one-liner-length: Clean-ups
c-mode-common-hook: CC Hooks
c-mode-hook: CC Hooks
c-noise-macro-names: Noise Macros
c-noise-macro-with-parens-names: Noise Macros
c-offsets-alist: Syntactic Symbols
c-offsets-alist: c-offsets-alist
c-old-style-variable-behavior: Style Variables
c-progress-interval: Indentation Commands
c-report-syntactic-errors: Odds and Ends
c-require-final-newline: Odds and Ends
c-special-indent-hook: Other Indentation
c-strict-syntax-p: c-offsets-alist
c-style-alist: Adding Styles
c-syntactic-context: Custom Braces
c-syntactic-context: Custom Line-Up
c-syntactic-element: Custom Line-Up
c-syntactic-indentation: Indentation Engine Basics
c-syntactic-indentation-in-macros: Custom Macros
c-tab-always-indent: Indentation Commands
cleanup-list (c-): Clean-ups
comment-column: Comment Commands
comment-continuation-stars (c-): Custom Filling and Breaking
comment-end: Custom Filling and Breaking
comment-multi-line: Custom Filling and Breaking
comment-only-line-offset (c-): Comment Line-Up
comment-prefix-regexp (c-): Custom Filling and Breaking
comment-prefix-regexp (c-): Custom Filling and Breaking
comment-start: Custom Filling and Breaking
comment-start-skip: Custom Filling and Breaking
comment-start-skip: Comment Line-Up
cpp-indent-to-body-directives (c-): Indenting Directives

default-style (c-): Choosing a Style
defun-tactic (c-): Movement Commands
delete-function (c-): Hungry WS Deletion
delete-key-deletes-forward: Hungry WS Deletion
doc-comment-style (c-): Doc Comments

echo-syntactic-information-p (c-): Odds and Ends
electric-pound-behavior (c-): Electric Keys
enable-xemacs-performance-kludge-p (c-): Performance Issues

file-offsets (c-): File Styles
file-style (c-): File Styles
filladapt-mode: Custom Filling and Breaking
font-lock-builtin-face: Faces
font-lock-comment-face: Faces
font-lock-comment-face: Faces
font-lock-constant-face: Faces
font-lock-constant-face: Faces
font-lock-doc-face: Faces
font-lock-doc-string-face: Faces
font-lock-function-name-face: Faces
font-lock-keyword-face: Faces
font-lock-maximum-decoration: Font Locking Preliminaries
font-lock-preprocessor-face: Faces
font-lock-reference-face: Faces
font-lock-reference-face: Faces
font-lock-reference-face: Faces
font-lock-string-face: Faces
font-lock-type-face: Faces
font-lock-variable-name-face: Faces
font-lock-warning-face: Faces

guess-offset-threshold (c-): Guessing the Style
guess-region-max (c-): Guessing the Style

hanging-braces-alist (c-): Hanging Braces
hanging-braces-alist (c-): Custom Braces
hanging-colons-alist (c-): Hanging Colons
hanging-colons-alist (c-): Hanging Colons
hanging-semi&comma-criteria (c-): Hanging Semicolons and Commas

idl-font-lock-extra-types: Font Locking Preliminaries
idl-mode-hook: CC Hooks
ignore-auto-fill (c-): Custom Filling and Breaking
indent-comment-alist (c-): Comment Commands
indent-comments-syntactically-p (c-): Comment Commands
indent-tabs-mode: Indentation Commands
indentation-style (c-): Choosing a Style
initialization-hook (c-): CC Hooks
insert-tab-function (c-): Indentation Commands
invalid-face (c-): Faces

Java-defun-prompt-regexp (c-): Performance Issues
java-font-lock-extra-types: Font Locking Preliminaries
java-mode-hook: CC Hooks

label-minimum-indentation (c-): Other Indentation

macro-names-with-semicolon (c-): Macros with ;
mark-wrong-style-of-comment (c-): Wrong Comment Style
max-one-liner-length (c-): Clean-ups
mode-common-hook (c-): CC Hooks

noise-macro-names (c-): Noise Macros
noise-macro-with-parens-names (c-): Noise Macros

objc-font-lock-extra-types: Font Locking Preliminaries
objc-mode-hook: CC Hooks
offsets-alist (c-): Syntactic Symbols
offsets-alist (c-): c-offsets-alist
old-style-variable-behavior (c-): Style Variables

paragraph-ignore-fill-prefix: Custom Filling and Breaking
paragraph-separate: Custom Filling and Breaking
paragraph-start: Custom Filling and Breaking
pike-font-lock-extra-types: Font Locking Preliminaries
pike-mode-hook: CC Hooks
progress-interval (c-): Indentation Commands

report-syntactic-errors (c-): Odds and Ends
require-final-newline (c-): Odds and Ends

special-indent-hook (c-): Other Indentation
strict-syntax-p (c-): c-offsets-alist
style-alist (c-): Adding Styles
syntactic-context (c-): Custom Braces
syntactic-context (c-): Custom Line-Up
syntactic-element (c-): Custom Line-Up
syntactic-indentation (c-): Indentation Engine Basics
syntactic-indentation-in-macros (c-): Custom Macros

tab-always-indent (c-): Indentation Commands