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1.1 Features

Some features provided by Dired Extra:

  1. Omitting uninteresting files from Dired listing (see Omitting Files in Dired).
  2. Guessing shell commands in Dired buffers (see Shell Command Guessing).
  3. Running Dired command in non-Dired buffers (see Virtual Dired).
  4. Finding a file mentioned in a buffer (see Find File At Point).
  5. Commands using file marking (see Advanced Mark Commands).

dired-x.el binds some functions to keys in Dired Mode (see Key Index) and also binds C-x C-j and C-x 4 C-j globally to dired-jump (see Miscellaneous Commands). Optionally, it also binds C-x C-f and C-x 4 C-f to dired-x-find-file and dired-x-find-file-other-window, respectively (see Find File At Point).