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2.1 Optional Installation Dired Jump

In order to have dired-jump and dired-jump-other-window (see Miscellaneous Commands) work before dired and dired-x have been properly loaded you should set-up an autoload for these functions. In your .emacs file put

     (autoload 'dired-jump "dired-x"
       "Jump to Dired buffer corresponding to current buffer." t)
     (autoload 'dired-jump-other-window "dired-x"
       "Like \\[dired-jump] (dired-jump) but in other window." t)
     (define-key global-map "\C-x\C-j" 'dired-jump)
     (define-key global-map "\C-x4\C-j" 'dired-jump-other-window)