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2.1 Specifying Input Files


Each file name on the command line tells ebrowse to parse that file.


This command line switch specifies that file contains a list of file names to parse. Each line in file must contain one file name. More than one option of this kind is allowed. You might, for instance, want to use one file for header files, and another for source files.

standard input

When ebrowse finds no file names on the command line, and no ‘--file’ option is specified, it reads file names from standard input. This is sometimes convenient when ebrowse is used as part of a command pipe.


This option lets you specify search paths for your input files. paths is a list of directories, separated by either a colon or a semicolon, depending on the operating system.

It is generally a good idea to specify input files so that header files are parsed before source files. This facilitates the parser’s work of properly identifying friend functions of a class.