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3 Starting to Browse

You start browsing a class hierarchy parsed by ebrowse by just finding the BROWSE file with C-x C-f.

An example of a tree buffer display is shown below.

     |  Collection
     |    IndexedCollection
     |      Array
     |        FixedArray
     |    Set
     |    Dictionary

When you run Emacs on a display which supports colors and the mouse, you will notice that certain areas in the tree buffer are highlighted when you move the mouse over them. This highlight marks mouse-sensitive regions in the buffer. Please notice the help strings in the echo area when the mouse moves over a sensitive region.

A click with mouse-3 on a mouse-sensitive region opens a context menu. In addition to this, each buffer also has a buffer-specific menu that is opened with a click with mouse-3 somewhere in the buffer where no highlight is displayed.