6.3 Searching and Replacing

Ebrowse allows you to perform operations on all or a subset of the files mentioned in a class tree. When you invoke one of the following functions and more than one class tree is loaded, you must choose a class tree to use from an electric tree menu. If the selected tree contains marked classes, the following commands operate on the files mentioned in the marked classes only. Otherwise all files in the class tree are used.

C-c C-m s

This function performs a regular expression search in the chosen set of files.

C-c C-m u

This command performs a search for calls of a given member which is selected in the usual way with completion.

C-c C-m %

Perform a query replace over the set of files.

C-c C-m ,

All three operations above stop when finding a match. You can restart the operation with this command.

C-c C-m n

This restarts the last tags operation with the next file in the list.