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8.10.4 ede-linker

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See ede-compilation-program.

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Create a new object with name NAME of class type ede-linker


Type: string

Name of this type of compiler.


Type: list

Variables needed in the Makefile for this compiler. An assoc list where each element is (VARNAME . VALUE) where VARNAME is a string, and VALUE is either a string, or a list of strings. For example, GCC would define CC=gcc, and emacs would define EMACS=emacs.


Type: list

A list of ede-sourcecode See ede-sourcecode. objects this class will handle. This is used to match target objects with the compilers and linkers they can use, and which files this object is interested in.


Type: list

The commands used to execute this compiler. The object which uses this compiler will place these commands after its rule definition.


Type: string

A string which is the extension used for object files. For example, C code uses .o on unix, and Emacs Lisp uses .elc.