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8.7.6 ede-proj-project

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See ede-project-placeholder.
See ede-project.

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Type: symbol
Default Value: Makefile

The type of Makefile to generate. Can be one of 'Makefile, ’, or ’ If this value is NOT 'Makefile, then that overrides the :makefile slot in targets.


Type: list
Default Value: nil

Variables to set in this Makefile.


Type: list
Default Value: ("debug" (("DEBUG" . "1")))

Makefile variables to use in different configurations. These variables are used in the makefile when a configuration becomes active.


Default Value: nil

Inference rules to add to the makefile.


Default Value: nil

Additional files to include. These files can contain additional rules, variables, and customizations.


Type: boolean
Default Value: t

Non-nil to do implement automatic dependencies in the Makefile.


Type: boolean
Default Value: nil

Non-nil if this is a metasubproject. Usually, a subproject is determined by a parent project. If multiple top level projects are grouped into a large project not maintained by EDE, then you need to set this to non-nil. The only effect is that the dist rule will then avoid making a tar file. Specialized Methods

Method: ede-proj-makefile-create :AFTER this mfilename

Create a Makefile for all Makefile targets in THIS. MFILENAME is the makefile to generate.

Method: ede-proj-makefile-insert-rules :AFTER this

Insert rules needed by THIS target.

Method: ede-proj-makefile-tags :AFTER this targets

Insert into the current location rules to make recursive TAGS files. Argument THIS is the project to create tags for. Argument TARGETS are the targets we should depend on for TAGS.

Method: ede-proj-makefile-insert-variables :AFTER this

Insert variables needed by target THIS.

Method: project-make-dist :AFTER this

Build a distribution for the project based on THIS target.

Method: ede-proj-makefile-insert-dist-rules :AFTER this

Insert distribution rules for THIS in a Makefile, such as CLEAN and DIST.

Method: ede-proj-makefile-insert-dist-dependencies :AFTER this

Insert any symbols that the DIST rule should depend on. Argument THIS is the project that should insert stuff.

Method: ede-proj-makefile-insert-subproj-rules :AFTER this

Insert a rule for the project THIS which should be a subproject.

Method: ede-proj-makefile-create-maybe :AFTER this mfilename

Create a Makefile for all Makefile targets in THIS if needed. MFILENAME is the makefile to generate.

Method: ede-proj-configure-test-required-file :AFTER this file

For project THIS, test that the file FILE exists, or create it.

Method: ede-proj-setup-buildenvironment :AFTER this &optional force

Setup the build environment for project THIS. Handles the Makefile, or a combination. Optional argument FORCE will force items to be regenerated.

Method: ede-proj-makefile-garbage-patterns :AFTER this

Return a list of patterns that are considered garbage to THIS. These are removed with make clean.

Method: ede-proj-configure-synchronize :AFTER this

Synchronize what we know about project THIS into

Method: ede-proj-makefile-insert-variables-new :AFTER this

Insert variables needed by target THIS.

NOTE: Not yet in use! This is part of an SRecode conversion of EDE that is in progress.

Method: ede-proj-makefile-configuration-variables :AFTER this configuration

Return a list of configuration variables from THIS. Use CONFIGURATION as the current configuration to query.

Method: eieio-done-customizing :AFTER proj

Call this when a user finishes customizing this object. Argument PROJ is the project to save.

Method: ede-proj-configure-recreate :AFTER this

Delete project THIS’s configure script and start over.

Method: ede-proj-makefile-insert-user-rules :AFTER this

Insert user specified rules needed by THIS target. This is different from ede-proj-makefile-insert-rules in that this function won’t create the building rules which are auto created with automake.

Method: ede-proj-dist-makefile :AFTER this

Return the name of the Makefile with the DIST target in it for THIS.

Method: ede-proj-configure-file :AFTER this

The script used by project THIS.

Method: ede-commit-project :AFTER proj

Commit any change to PROJ to its file.

Method: project-dist-files :AFTER this

Return a list of files that constitutes a distribution of THIS project.

Method: ede-commit-local-variables :AFTER proj

Commit change to local variables in PROJ.

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