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8.8.1 ede-target

Inheritance Tree:

ede-cpp-root-target, ede-emacs-target-c, ede-emacs-target-el, ede-emacs-target-misc, ede-linux-target-c, ede-linux-target-misc, ede-maven-target-java, ede-maven-target-c, ede-maven-target-misc, ede-simple-target, See ede-proj-target, See project-am-target.


Type: string

Name of this target.


Type: string

The path to the sources of this target. Relative to the path of the project it belongs to.


Type: list
Default Value: nil

Source files in this target.


Type: list
Default Value: nil

Source files with a version string in them. These files are checked for a version string whenever the EDE version of the master project is changed. When strings are found, the version previously there is updated. Specialized Methods

Method: ede-preprocessor-map :AFTER this

Get the pre-processor map for project THIS.

Method: eieio-speedbar-description :AFTER obj

Provide a speedbar description for OBJ.

Method: project-compile-target :AFTER obj &optional command

Compile the current target OBJ. Argument COMMAND is the command to use for compiling the target.

Method: project-debug-target :AFTER obj

Run the current project target OBJ in a debugger.

Method: ede-convert-path :AFTER this path

Convert path in a standard way for a given project. Default to making it project relative. Argument THIS is the project to convert PATH to.

Method: ede-name :AFTER this

Return the name of THIS target.

Method: ede-target-buffer-in-sourcelist :AFTER this buffer source

Return non-nil if object THIS is in BUFFER to a SOURCE list. Handles complex path issues.

Method: eieio-speedbar-derive-line-path :AFTER obj &optional depth

Return the path to OBJ. Optional DEPTH is the depth we start at.

Method: ede-buffer-header-file :AFTER this buffer

There are no default header files in EDE. Do a quick check to see if there is a Header tag in this buffer.

Method: project-remove-file :AFTER ot fnnd

Remove the current buffer from project target OT. Argument FNND is an argument.

Method: ede-buffer-documentation-files :AFTER this buffer

Check for some documentation files for THIS. Also do a quick check to see if there is a Documentation tag in this BUFFER.

Method: ede-map-target-buffers :AFTER this proc

For THIS, execute PROC on all buffers belonging to THIS.

Method: eieio-speedbar-child-description :AFTER obj

Provide a speedbar description for a plain-child of OBJ. A plain child is a child element which is not an EIEIO object.

Method: ede-object-keybindings :BEFORE this

Retrieves the slot keybindings from an object of class ede-target

Method: ede-description :AFTER this

Return a description suitable for the minibuffer about THIS.

Method: eieio-speedbar-object-children :AFTER this

Return the list of speedbar display children for THIS.

Method: ede-system-include-path :AFTER this

Get the system include path used by project THIS.

Method: ede-object-sourcecode :BEFORE this

Retrieves the slot sourcetype from an object of class ede-target

Method: ede-expand-filename :AFTER this filename &optional force

Return a fully qualified file name based on target THIS. FILENAME should be a filename which occurs in a directory in which THIS works. Optional argument FORCE forces the default filename to be provided even if it doesn’t exist.

Method: ede-menu-items-build :AFTER obj &optional current

Return a list of menu items for building target OBJ. If optional argument CURRENT is non-nil, return sub-menu code.

Method: ede-want-file-p :AFTER this file

Return non-nil if THIS target wants FILE.

Method: ede-update-version-in-source :AFTER this version

In sources for THIS, change version numbers to VERSION.

Method: project-delete-target :AFTER ot

Delete the current target OT from its parent project.

Method: ede-target-sourcecode :AFTER this

Return the sourcecode objects which THIS permits.

Method: eieio-speedbar-child-make-tag-lines :AFTER this depth

Create a speedbar tag line for a child of THIS. It has depth DEPTH.

Method: eieio-speedbar-object-buttonname :AFTER object

Return a string to use as a speedbar button for OBJECT.

Method: eieio-done-customizing :AFTER target

Call this when a user finishes customizing TARGET.

Method: project-edit-file-target :AFTER ot

Edit the target OT associated w/ this file.

Method: ede-documentation :AFTER this

Return a list of files that provides documentation. Documentation is not for object THIS, but is provided by THIS for other files in the project.

Method: ede-want-file-source-p :AFTER this file

Return non-nil if THIS target wants FILE.

Method: ede-want-file-auxiliary-p :AFTER this file

Return non-nil if THIS target wants FILE.

Method: project-add-file :AFTER ot file

Add the current buffer into project target OT. Argument FILE is the file to add.

Method: ede-target-name :AFTER this

Return the name of THIS target, suitable for make or debug style commands.

Method: ede-object-menu :BEFORE this

Retrieves the slot menu from an object of class ede-target

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