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8.8.4 semantic-ede-proj-target-grammar

Inheritance Tree:
See ede-target.
See ede-proj-target.
See ede-proj-target-makefile.

No children Specialized Methods

Method: project-compile-target :AFTER obj

Compile all sources in a Lisp target OBJ.

Method: ede-proj-makefile-insert-rules :AFTER this

Insert rules needed by THIS target.

Method: ede-buffer-mine :AFTER this buffer

Return t if object THIS lays claim to the file in BUFFER. Lays claim to all -by.el, and -wy.el files.

Method: ede-proj-makefile-sourcevar :AFTER this

Return the variable name for THIS’s sources.

Method: ede-proj-makefile-insert-dist-dependencies :AFTER this

Insert dist dependencies, or intermediate targets. This makes sure that all grammar lisp files are created before the dist runs, so they are always up to date. Argument THIS is the target that should insert stuff.