3 Session Commands

All Ediff commands are displayed in a Quick Help window, unless you type ? to shrink the window to just one line. You can redisplay the help window by typing ? again. The Quick Help commands are detailed below.

Many Ediff commands take numeric prefix arguments. For instance, if you type a number, say 3, and then j (ediff-jump-to-difference), Ediff moves to the third difference region. Typing 3 and then a (ediff-diff-to-diff) copies the 3rd difference region from variant A to variant B. Likewise, 4 followed by ra restores the 4th difference region in buffer A (if it was previously written over via the command a).

Some commands take negative prefix arguments as well. For instance, typing - and then j will make the last difference region current. Typing -2 then j makes the penultimate difference region current, etc.

Without the prefix argument, all commands operate on the currently selected difference region. You can make any difference region current using the various commands explained below.

For some commands, the actual value of the prefix argument is immaterial. However, if supplied, the prefix argument may modify the command (see ga, gb, and gc).