9.12 How do I bind a combination of modifier key and function key?

You can represent modified function keys in vector format by adding prefixes to the function key symbol. For example (from the Emacs documentation):

(global-set-key [?\C-x right] 'forward-page)

where ‘?\C-x’ is the Lisp character constant for the character C-x.

You can use the modifier keys Control, Meta, Hyper, Super, Alt, and Shift with function keys. To represent these modifiers, prepend the strings ‘C-’, ‘M-’, ‘H-’, ‘s-’, ‘A-’, and ‘S-’ to the symbol name. Here is how to make H-M-RIGHT move forward a word:

(global-set-key [H-M-right] 'forward-word)

See How do I bind keys (including function keys) to commands?, for general key binding instructions.