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2.2 What are appropriate messages for the various Emacs newsgroups?

The Emacs mailing lists are described at the Emacs Savannah page. Some of them are gatewayed to newsgroups.

The newsgroup news:comp.emacs is for discussion of Emacs programs in general. The newsgroup is specifically for GNU Emacs. It therefore makes no sense to cross-post to both groups, since only one can be appropriate to any question.

Messages advocating “non-free” software are considered unacceptable on any of the gnu.* newsgroups except for news:gnu.misc.discuss, which was created to hold the extensive flame-wars on the subject. “Non-free” software includes any software for which the end user can’t freely modify the source code and exchange enhancements. Be careful to remove the gnu.* groups from the ‘Newsgroups:’ line when posting a followup that recommends such software.

news:gnu.emacs.bug is a place where bug reports appear, but avoid posting bug reports to this newsgroup directly (see Reporting bugs).

Finally, we recommend reading the GNU Kind Communications Guidelines before posting to any GNU lists or newsgroups.