6.2 Getting the latest version

To install the latest Eglot in an Emacs version that does not bundle Eglot, use M-x package-install.

Often, a newer Eglot version exists that has fixed a longstanding bug, has more LSP features, or just better supports a particular language server. Recent Eglot versions can self-update via the command M-x eglot-upgrade-eglot. This will replace any currently installed version with the newest one available from the ELPA archives configured in package-archives.

You can also update Eglot through other methods, such as use-package (see Installing packages in use-package User Manual), package-install, list-packages or the newer package-upgrade (see Packages in GNU Emacs Manual). However, do read the docstrings of the command you intend to use before you use it, as some of them may not work in exactly the same way across Emacs versions, meaning your configuration may be not portable.