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1.7 New Viewers

Here’s an example viewer for displaying text/enriched inline:

(defun mm-display-enriched-inline (handle)
  (let (text)
      (mm-insert-part handle)
        (enriched-decode (point-min) (point-max))
        (setq text (buffer-string))))
    (mm-insert-inline handle text)))

We see that the function takes a MIME handle as its parameter. It then goes to a temporary buffer, inserts the text of the part, does some work on the text, stores the result, goes back to the buffer it was called from and inserts the result.

The two important helper functions here are mm-insert-part and mm-insert-inline. The first function inserts the text of the handle in the current buffer. It handles charset and/or content transfer decoding. The second function just inserts whatever text you tell it to insert, but it also sets things up so that the text can be “undisplayed” in a convenient manner.