Breakpoints Buffer

The GDB Breakpoints buffer shows the breakpoints, watchpoints and catchpoints in the debugger session. See Breakpoints in The GNU debugger. It provides the following commands, which mostly apply to the current breakpoint (the breakpoint which point is on):


Enable/disable current breakpoint (gdb-toggle-breakpoint). On a graphical display, this changes the color of the dot in the fringe of the source buffer at that line. The dot is red when the breakpoint is enabled, and gray when it is disabled.


Delete the current breakpoint (gdb-delete-breakpoint).


Visit the source line for the current breakpoint (gdb-goto-breakpoint).


Visit the source line for the breakpoint you click on (gdb-goto-breakpoint).

When gdb-many-windows is non-nil, the GDB Breakpoints buffer shares its window with the GDB Threads buffer. To switch from one to the other click with mouse-1 on the relevant button in the header line. If gdb-show-threads-by-default is non-nil, the GDB Threads buffer is the one shown by default.