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28.3.7 Tags Table Inquiries


Perform completion on the text around point, using the selected tags table if one is loaded (completion-at-point).

M-x list-tags RET file RET

Display a list of the tags defined in the program file file.

M-x tags-apropos RET regexp RET

Display a list of all tags matching regexp.

In most programming language modes, you can type C-M-i or M-TAB (completion-at-point) to complete the symbol at point. If there is a selected tags table, this command can use it to generate completion candidates. See Symbol Completion.

M-x list-tags reads the name of one of the files covered by the selected tags table, and displays a list of tags defined in that file. Do not include a directory as part of the file name unless the file name recorded in the tags table includes a directory.

M-x tags-apropos is like apropos for tags (see Apropos). It displays a list of tags in the selected tags table whose entries match regexp. If the variable tags-apropos-verbose is non-nil, it displays the names of the tags files together with the tag names. You can customize the appearance of the output by setting the variable tags-tag-face to a face. You can display additional output by customizing the variable tags-apropos-additional-actions; see its documentation for details.

M-x next-file visits files covered by the selected tags table. The first time it is called, it visits the first file covered by the table. Each subsequent call visits the next covered file, unless a prefix argument is supplied, in which case it returns to the first file.

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