53.5 Sending Patches for GNU Emacs

If you would like to write bug fixes or improvements for GNU Emacs, that is very helpful. When you send your changes, please follow these guidelines to make it easy for the maintainers to use them. If you don’t follow these guidelines, your information might still be useful, but using it will take extra work. Maintaining GNU Emacs is a lot of work in the best of circumstances, and we can’t keep up unless you do your best to help.

Every patch must have several pieces of information before we can properly evaluate it. They are described below.

When you have all these pieces, use the M-x submit-emacs-patch command to send the patch. The command will prompt you for the Subject of the patch and a patch file. It will then create and display a Message mode buffer with the patch file as an attachment, display the buffer, and let you explain more about the patch and add any other information as requested below. When you are done, type C-c C-c to send the patch via email to the developers. It will be sent to the GNU Bug Tracker at https://debbugs.gnu.org. The tracker will assign a number to your submission, just like it does with bug reports. The developers will usually respond, perhaps asking you for more details or any additional information, so be sure to include a valid reply email address.

Here’s what we ask you to provide as part of your patch submissions: