2.1 LDAP Configuration

LDAP support is added by means of ldap.el, which is part of Emacs. ldap.el needs an external program called ldapsearch, available as part of OpenLDAP (https://www.openldap.org/). The configurations in this section were tested with OpenLDAP 2.4.23.

Most servers use LDAP-over-SSL these days; the examples here reflect that. The other possibilities are:

The following examples use a base of ou=people,dc=gnu,dc=org and the host name ldap.gnu.org, a server that supports LDAP-over-SSL (the ldaps protocol, with default port 636) and which requires authentication by the user emacsuser with password s3cr3t.

These configurations are meant to be self-contained; that is, each provides everything required for sensible TAB-completion of email fields. BBDB lookups are attempted first; if a matching BBDB entry is found then EUDC will not attempt any LDAP lookups.

Wildcard LDAP lookups are supported using the * character. For example, attempting to TAB-complete the following:

To: * Smith

will return all LDAP entries with surnames that begin with Smith. In every LDAP query it makes, EUDC implicitly appends the wildcard character to the end of the last word, except if the word corresponds to an attribute which is a member of eudc-ldap-no-wildcard-attributes.