3.6 Multi-server Queries

When using inline query expansion (see Inline Query Expansion), EUDC can try to query successively a sequence of directory servers until one of them successfully finds a match for the query.

Variable: eudc-inline-expansion-servers

This variable controls which servers are tried and in which order when trying to perform an inline query. Possible values are:


Only the current directory server is tried


The servers in the hotlist are tried in order until one finds a match for the query or eudc-max-servers-to-query is reached


The current server then the servers in the hotlist are tried in the order they appear in the hotlist until one of them finds a match or eudc-max-servers-to-query is reached. This is the default.

Variable: eudc-max-servers-to-query

This variable indicates the maximum number of servers to query when performing a multi-server query. The default, nil, indicates that all available servers should be tried.