3.1.1 Selecting a Server

Before doing any query you will need to set the directory server. You need to specify the name of the host machine running the server software and the protocol to use. If you do not set the server in any fashion, EUDC will ask you for one when you make your first query.

You can set the server by selecting one from your hotlist of servers (see The Server Hotlist) available in the ‘Server’ submenu or by selecting ‘New Server’ in that same menu.

LDAP servers generally require some configuration before you can perform queries on them. In particular, the search base must be configured. If the server you select has no configured search base then EUDC will propose you to configure it at this point. A customization buffer will be displayed where you can edit the search base and other parameters for the server.

Variable: eudc-server

The name or IP address of the remote directory server. A TCP port number may be specified by appending a colon and a number to the name of the server. You will not need this unless your server runs on a port other than the default (which depends on the protocol). If the directory server resides on your own computer (which is the case if you use the BBDB back end) then ‘localhost’ is a reasonable value but it will be ignored anyway.

Variable: eudc-protocol

The directory protocol to use to query the server. Currently supported protocols in this version of EUDC are ldap and bbdb.

Command: eudc-set-server

This command accessible from ‘New Server’ submenu lets you specify a new directory server and protocol.