3.5.1 The Hotlist Edit Buffer

The hotlist edit buffer offers a means to manage a list of frequently used servers. Commands are available in the context pop-up menu generally bound to the right mouse button. Those commands also have equivalent key bindings.

Command: eudc-hotlist-add-server

Bound to a. Add a new server to the hotlist on the line after point

Command: eudc-hotlist-delete-server

Bound to d. Delete the server on the line point is on

Command: eudc-hotlist-select-server

Bound to s. Select the server the point is on as the current directory server for the next queries

Command: eudc-hotlist-transpose-servers

Bound to t. Bubble up the server the point is on to the top of the list

Command: eudc-hotlist-quit-edit

Bound to q. Save the changes and quit the hotlist edit buffer. Use x or M-x kill-buffer to exit without saving.