3.1 Customization variables for the Proc backend


A list of (filename-regexp, init-function, cleanup-function getfname-function) for configuring syntax check tools. See Adding support for a new syntax check tool.


A list of directories for searching a master file. See Locating a master file.


A function used for obtaining a list of project include dirs (C/C++ specific). See Getting the include directories.


Used when looking for a master file. See Locating a master file.


Patterns for error/warning messages in the form (regexp file-idx line-idx col-idx err-text-idx). See Parsing the output.


A function to classify a diagnostic text as a particular type of error. The value of this variable should be a function taking an error text and returning a diagnostic symbol (see Customizing Flymake error types). If it returns a non-nil value but there is no such symbol in that table, the text is interpreted as a warning. If the function returns nil, the text is assumed to be an error.

The value of this variable can alternatively be a regular expression that should match only warnings.

This variable replaces the old flymake-warning-re and flymake-warning-predicate.


A flag indicating whether compilation and syntax check of the same file cannot be run simultaneously. See Interaction with other modes.