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BEGIN: Forms Commands

C-c <: Forms Commands
C-c >: Forms Commands
C-c C-k: Forms Commands
C-c C-l: Forms Commands
C-c C-n: Forms Commands
C-c C-o: Forms Commands
C-c C-p: Forms Commands
C-c C-q: Forms Commands
C-c C-r regexp RET: Forms Commands
C-c C-s regexp RET: Forms Commands
C-c TAB: Forms Commands
C-x C-s: Forms Commands
control file: Control File Format

END: Forms Commands

field: Data File Format
forms-check-number-of-fields: Control File Format
forms-delete-record: Forms Commands
forms-enumerate: Miscellaneous
forms-field-sep: Data File Format
forms-field-sep: Control File Format
forms-fields: Format Description
forms-file: Control File Format
forms-find-file: Entering and Exiting Forms Mode
forms-find-file-other-window: Entering and Exiting Forms Mode
forms-first-record: Forms Commands
forms-format-list: Control File Format
forms-format-list: Format Description
forms-insert-after: Control File Format
forms-insert-record: Forms Commands
forms-jump-record: Forms Commands
forms-last-record: Forms Commands
forms-mode: Miscellaneous
forms-mode-hook: Entering and Exiting Forms Mode
forms-modified-record-filter: Control File Format
forms-multi-line: Data File Format
forms-multi-line: Control File Format
forms-new-record-filter: Control File Format
forms-next-field: Forms Commands
forms-next-record: Forms Commands
forms-number-of-fields: Control File Format
forms-prev-field: Forms Commands
forms-prev-field: Forms Commands
forms-prev-record: Forms Commands
forms-print: Forms Commands
forms-read-file-filter: Data File Format
forms-read-file-filter: Control File Format
forms-read-only: Control File Format
forms-save-buffer: Forms Commands
forms-search-backward: Forms Commands
forms-search-forward: Forms Commands
forms-toggle-read-only: Forms Commands
forms-version: Miscellaneous
forms-write-file-filter: Data File Format
forms-write-file-filter: Control File Format

NEXT: Forms Commands

PRIOR: Forms Commands
pseudo-newline: Data File Format

record: Data File Format

S-TAB: Forms Commands

TAB: Forms Commands

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