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4.18.1 Article Highlighting

Not only do you want your article buffer to look like fruit salad, but you want it to look like technicolor fruit salad.

W H a

Do much highlighting of the current article (gnus-article-highlight). This function highlights header, cited text, the signature, and adds buttons to the body and the head.

W H h

Highlight the headers (gnus-article-highlight-headers). The highlighting will be done according to the gnus-header-face-alist variable, which is a list where each element has the form (regexp name content). regexp is a regular expression for matching the header, name is the face used for highlighting the header name (see Faces and Fonts) and content is the face for highlighting the header value. The first match made will be used. Note that regexp shouldn’t have ‘^’ prepended—Gnus will add one.

W H c

Highlight cited text (gnus-article-highlight-citation).

Some variables to customize the citation highlights:


If the article size in bytes is bigger than this variable (which is 25000 by default), no citation highlighting will be performed.


Maximum possible length for a citation prefix (default 20).


List of faces used for highlighting citations (see Faces and Fonts). When there are citations from multiple articles in the same message, Gnus will try to give each citation from each article its own face. This should make it easier to see who wrote what.


Regexp matching normal Supercite attribution lines.


Regexp matching mangled Supercite attribution lines.


Minimum number of identical prefixes we have to see before we believe that it’s a citation.


Regexp matching the beginning of an attribution line.


Regexp matching the end of an attribution line.


Face used for attribution lines. It is merged with the face for the cited text belonging to the attribution.


If non-nil, no citation highlighting will be performed on lines beginning with ‘>From ’. Those lines may have been quoted by MTAs in order not to mix up with the envelope From line. The default value is t.

W H s

Highlight the signature (gnus-article-highlight-signature). Everything after gnus-signature-separator (see Article Signature) in an article will be considered a signature and will be highlighted with gnus-signature-face, which is italic by default.

See Customizing Articles, for how to highlight articles automatically.

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