Variable: spam-use-blackholes

This option is disabled by default. You can let Gnus consult the blackhole-type distributed spam processing systems (DCC, for instance) when you set this option. The variable spam-blackhole-servers holds the list of blackhole servers Gnus will consult. The current list is fairly comprehensive, but make sure to let us know if it contains outdated servers.

The blackhole check uses the dig.el package, but you can tell spam.el to use dns.el instead for better performance if you set spam-use-dig to nil. It is not recommended at this time to set spam-use-dig to nil despite the possible performance improvements, because some users may be unable to use it, but you can try it and see if it works for you.

Variable: spam-blackhole-servers

The list of servers to consult for blackhole checks.

Variable: spam-blackhole-good-server-regex

A regular expression for IPs that should not be checked against the blackhole server list. When set to nil, it has no effect.

Variable: spam-use-dig

Use the dig.el package instead of the dns.el package. The default setting of t is recommended.

Blackhole checks are done only on incoming mail. There is no spam or ham processor for blackholes.